Top 5 APIs for SEO


Marketing a website effectively can be a tricky activity. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are available to provide greater exposure to websites. Search engines use many ways to fill Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and website developers want to guarantee that they meet the optimization criteria for the best results in the page ranking. Tools are available for choosing the right keywords, high-level content creation, web editing, responsive design, backlinks, venue, Search Engine Marketing ( SEM), page rank, and other essential SEOs. These tools are often accessible by APIs.

What Is an API?

API refers to Application Programming Interface, which is a set of functions and procedures that apps can access to complete some tasks. It allows developers to add SEO functionality to the applications. SEO APIs can connect developers with the data and features found in SEO tools.

The most comfortable place to find these SEO APIs is in ProgrammableWeb ‘s SEO category. In this article, we highlight 5 popular ones:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights API

Google PageSpeed Insights API allows developers to programmatically measure a web page ‘s performance and get ideas for how to improve the performance, accessibility, and SEO of that page. This API returns data from Lighthouse’s Chrome User Experience Report and Laboratory data (the open-source, automated tool used by Google to improve the quality of web pages).

  1. Alexa Top Sites API

Alexa Traffic Rank from Amazon provides website traffic driving services for competitive analysis. This API, the Alexa Top Sites APITrack, retrieves traffic rankings for lists of 100 or more websites. The returned data includes the number of page views per million visitors the site gets, the total page views per month and the number of Alexa users visiting the website.

  1. BrightEdge API

BrightEdge is a web, mobile, and tablet SEO service which offers multiple features and tools. This API enables developers to view and connect BrightEdge data with other apps, using the BrightEdge APITrack. Interested developers must ask for access.

  1. Mozscape API

Moz is indeed a search, links, and mark analytics software. It has an extensive index of URLs from all over the site that may help marketers. Using this API from Mozscape’s APITrack, developers can configure and embed data from their database into their applications.

  1. SEO Explorer API

SEO Explorer provides tools for marketing and search engine optimization, including keyword analysis, backlink analysis, classification of URLs, and more. This API helps developers to access SEO information associated with a folder, keyword or backlink, using the SEO Explorer REST APITrack. The API returns exclusive connections, connections to the homepage, domain ranking, and key competitors in organic matters.

A lot of SEO and PPC work include tedious tasks and APIs offer scalability and automation to get them done. If you’re using paying or free utilities, you can be sure that APIs take away the bulk of your groundwork problems.


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