Five Proven SEO Benefits of Long-Form Content


Everybody is gambling big on long-form content to win lead generation, from emerging companies to large businesses. Nevertheless, adding together a few lengthy blog paragraphs and pressing the publish button isn’t marketing stuff. There’s a lot more depth to it. Any online content has the aim of gaining readers. It doesn’t happen quickly unless you put a little extra effort into it. Longer content yields higher rankings for search results. To put it plainly, statistics suggest that longer content dominates page one search results.

Here are the five benefits of long-form content:

  1. Better Visibility Digitally by Improved Search Engine Ranking

SerpIQ conducted a study on the correlation between post length and ranking of search engines. The research threw up fascinating details such as the position of the search rankings shifted with the content length. The top ranks were indeed blog posts with content lengths above 2,000 words. Long-form content puts the company as a pioneer in perception or as an authority in the subject matter. This brand recognition adds to the content’s authenticity and results in more organic traffic, which is an underlying content marketing goal.

  1. Enhances Social Media Sharing

Quartz editor Kevin Delaney suggests that brands should write either short, zippy articles that are no more than 500 words or long pieces of analysis that are at least 1200 words for the highest performance in social media. He states that everyone there publishes articles well within the range of 500-800, and articles that avoid this cliché stand out.

  1. Produces Better Value for Readers

Perhaps most crucial of all, long-form content creates incredible value for readers. We seem to get more out of long-form content than what we come for. Why does a famous blog that publishes long-form content on exciting topics go viral?Why do readers believe they get more knowledge and feedback than what’s available online anywhere else? The lengthy blog posts are so engaging that specific topics also achieve up to 2 million+ social sharing.

  1. More Backlinks and Organic Traffic

Backlinking is one of the easiest ways to increase your search ranking on Google and boost organic traffic to your blog. If a high-authority website links back to a piece of your content, you can automatically enjoy the rewards of attracting new customers within your industry. While Google’s algorithm tends to receive massive changes, companies pay fines to have low-authority backlinks used on their pages. Through producing killer long-form content, you could be this authoritative source for brands in your industry.

  1. Long-Form Content Enhances Conversion

Content marketing could be accompanied by calls-to-action using long-form content that can generate leads and ultimately conversions. Long-form content creates a vast space for setting up strategically placed CTAs that can be clicked on by readers if they are interested in a product or service.


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