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My name is Om Thoke, and I started out my hustle way back in 2005, when the YouTube’s cofounder Karim was uploading his first video “at the Zoo”, when there were no webinars, no meet-ups, no SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, no DA PA, nothing but hit & trial, and I keep trying, until I succeeded… well the hustle is STILL ON, thanks to COVID-19

I hail from a small city Durg/Bhilai (Chhattisgarh), a gaming freak and an avid writer since I learnt how to hold video games remote control and pen in my hands. Also, a passionate guitarist, and karaoke singer, and now a dad to 6 year old cute boy Sanshray, and I ended up building a company Sanshray Ventures after him, and doing over $1M in revenues in last 3 years. But, how did a wannabe blogger turn into a serial entrepreneur, and clocked millions of dollars in revenues, and do all this?

Well, let’s take a step back – flashback to 2004 – I came to Bangalore to do BE in ECE, and fell in love with the city for its amazing weather and vibrant nightlife. I was my 1st sem college topper, but soon i lost interest in studies and got attracted to playing Yahoo pool, chatting with chicks, exploring ways to make money online and my journey began!

I was in my 5th semester of engineering when I had lost my dad to cancer and started desparately trying all sorts of stuff to make money, and I tried –

  • working at call center,
  • Amway MLM,
  • data entry, and
  • I even took tuitions for my juniors in college.

Alongside college, I was working for another 10 hours, barely sleeping for 5–6 hours and hustling to make money somehow!

I think the turning point was when I decided that I’ll do whatever it takes, to make money! And, when I took up my first $100 freelance content writing project, little did I know this would grow to one of the BIGGEST projects of my life from 100 to 1000 to 10000 to $100,000+

I saw a $500 pay-check of my friend from Google Adsense and just as the Wolf of Wallstreet says – I was INSTANTLY HOOKED – I tried, failed failed failed, but kept going… it took me 11 months to get to my first $108 pay check

But, then I didn’t give up – I kept going, trying trying trying every day, every night and I had started making $3–4/day and starting making $100/mo consistently but I put in lot of efforts on my car blog and created at least 500+ posts and I was waiting for magic to happen….

And, as they say Fortune favours the BRAVE!

I woke up one day in 2009, and instead of the usual $4 I found $80.96 in my Adsense account! I’ve also penned down a long post for those who might be wondering how much Adsense pays per click

Oh boy, I had made close to my entire month income in 30 hours instead of 30 days – I was on cloud 9 – it was like that first lucky breakthrough you get when your video goes viral on YouTube – can’t describe that happiness and emotions bubbling inside my head

“Apna time Ayega” had changed to “my time is right now” 🤘💪

I decided I WONT let this fall, again no matter what it takes – so I kept producing 10 articles/day, building more links and whatever I could

I tested sub-domains, new concepts, new keywords, new articles, updated existing posts and everything possible stuff and crossed the $100/day mark and I felt UNSTOPPABLE 🔥✌️💪💵

I had gone from $200/day to $2000/mo in matter of 20 days, but don’t misunderstand this to be “I got lucky” – it was the snowball effect of all the hard-work which kicked in together – for some it kicks in slowly, for some it kicks in all at once!

And, it went on to give me first $37k of my life

I had scaled to $40k-50k/mo with 11–12 such Adsense accounts where I made $3000–5000/mo but as they say in Hindi “ati kisi cheez ki achchi nahi hoti”

The doomsday did come – May 18, 2011 Google wiped out 93% Of my revenues and traffic and I was DEVASTATED, but I had told myself there’s no looking back! Having made it THIS FAR, I wouldn’t GIVE UP!

I was bleeding almost $10,000/mo, as I had just bought my Mitsubishi Cedia Sports hardly a month ago, moved into a lavish villa on rent, and got a team of 46 team, with office rent, villa rent, car loan EMI, salary outflow, server cost, domain renewal cost, and overall monthly outflow of 10–11 lakhs and my revenues were down from $50K+ to just $3500 😬

I had realised the TRUE MEANING of “Don’t lay all your eggs in the same basket” but it was too late to fret over – I accepted it as a challenge and rebuilt Webfosys as a digital marketing and web development agency, and then took up projects like website development of Audi Bengaluru, Mangalore, Pune, Chennai

We handled digital campaigns of Davanam Sarovar Hotel Bangalore, and many reputed clients and eventually bounced back to cross that $40k/mo mark again 💪

And, this time I wasn’t gonna stop at a crore, this time I was craving for the coveted MILLION DOLLAR MARK!

I once again took it as a challenge and ended up achieving in by 2015, and then bought my luxurious first villa in Bangalore

Since I had made all my money with car blogs, I did blow a lot of that money on buying way too many cars like an idiotic kid and I do regret it now 😝

And, this is our list of members in our Automotive Family –

  • TVS RTR Apache 160 (sold)
  • Yamaha RX 135 (still with us)
  • Hyundai Accent 2006 (sold in 2019) and bro upgraded to New Hyundai Elantra
  • Chevy Spark 2009 (sold)
  • Mitusbishi Cedia – still my daily fav commuter
  • Ford Endeavor (sold)
  • Volvo S80 3.2 T6 (sold last year after having driven 100k KMS)
  • Vw Beetle – the cute bug – my cutest car, which i would never sell mostly
  • Hyundai Creta – our family car, technically used by my in-laws
  • Honda Civic – mostly driven by chauffeur
  • Toyota New Altis – sis in law uses it mostly
  • Hyundai Getz (sold) and upgraded to Maruti Ertiga – my elder bro owns and uses it

Anyway, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost 😂 this wasn’t the happy ever after ending…. Towards the Q3 of 2015 I was scaling affiliate campaigns at $100k–120k/mo and suddenly a large advertiser defaulted my payment and a few projects went wrong and I took a MASSIVE $250k cashflow hit and then it took me almost 2 years to recover!

As you know by now, I’m that crazy mofo doesn’t give up 😆 And, as you’d have rightly guessed I came back once again and entered e-commerce, and then in 2018 we did our first million dollars in e-commerce in India 🇮🇳

Days like these became normal, and then I got invited to speak at global conferences like AWA Bangkok 2019 and just as everything was hunky Dora, boom 💥 here comes COVID-19 – we crashed from almost 1.4 Crores/mo revenues to ZERO 😱

Of course, lockdown and no deliveries means zero revenues no matter how much I may be able to sell!

Corona must have destroyed again almost $700,000 of my revenues but we’re again fighting back and in the meantime I created Bloggers World University to help people make their first $100 online with blogging and freelancing!

Inspired by the movie super 30, I made my super 11, then super 12 13 14 15 16 and now we’ll be starting Super 17 this Saturday – and we just had a crazy 6.5 hours long call – it was an all-nighter 🔥

I’m happy that most of our participants have been able to research low competition keywords and rank them on first page of Bing & Yahoo! And now some have started ranking on Google too, getting their Adsense approval, affiliate approvals etc and taking baby steps towards their first $100 income and it’s my vision to reach 200,000 lives in 2020 and teach them this NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE and empower them to earn their livelihood

I don’t believe in selling dreams (I prefer selling e-com products lol 😆) like those self proclaimed gurus giving you hopes to earn 1 Crore/mo, but having done overall revenues of close to $10M+ in lifetime, I’m sure I’m qualified enough to teach people how to make their first $100 in 100 days!

This is my fourth innings and again 2020 is going to be painful as we’ve just come back to 1.5–2 lakhs/day level

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and now launching Ecom World University this Sunday again with my Super 11 🔥💪💵

This time, the difference is instead of $200 unlike bloggers world university where I promised 22 hours of learning and ended up giving 100+ hours, this will be fat more structured for $500 and just restricted to 2 live 2 hours sessions/week for a month’s time so that everyone learns product research, launching fb ads, and the entire life cycle and starts making money – again I don’t promise anything stupid – if you put $500, you learn to sell $500 – simple as that 😁✌️

And, I’ve a feeling that starting Bloggers World University, and Ecom World University is going to be ANOTHER life changing moment as I can easily see that I can create a battalion of 500 digital warriors/mo and also make $100k/mo in the process, where it’s a 1000% win-win and I also give them various other opportunities to make money!

I’ll soon be releasing my first book, and perhaps some affordable modules to help people learn freelancing, and reach the masses to teach them for FREE via my YouTube channel

My next life changing moment will perhaps come next year when i would have CHANGED 200,000 lives and if really manage to reach and empower 200k people to make their first $100, i would get a difference level of satisfaction, which I’d probably not even if I had done $20M revenues myself instead of 200,000 people x $100 each!

Thanks for reading through, don’t forget to stay connected on Quora, Fb, LinkedIn, Insta & Bloggers World ✌️

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