Improving SEO With Social Media Optimization


Today, social media optimization (SMO) is the buzzword for all online businesses.

SMO can not only help you in building a brand image, but also getting a competitive edge over your competitors in terms of SEO too.

In this post, let’s see how to make use of SMO to drive lots of traffic to your site, build a brand image, and boost up revenues!

Even the biggest brands care about Social media optimization today due to the sheer fact that popularity of an online business, or brand is greatly influenced by their brand value in eyes of social media.

Hence, if you want to drive 1000 extra visitors to your site/blog, it may make perfect sense to create few Facebook fans pages, and to promote them well rather than writing a new article on your blog, and promoting it.

An added advantage of course is that you can link your social media profiles, and post stories/links from Facebook to MySpace, and Twitter accounts, and drive more traffic.

Furthermore, another point worth mentioning is that a popular digg story, or a YBuzz! link in top 10 stories can easily drive massive number of visitors, which may be as little as 3000 or as much as 10k+ a day! And, if you succeed in getting top spots of various social directories on a regular basis, you’d obviously be able to build a great rapport in eyes of the users of those social media/bookmarking sites.

This may indirectly increase the number of RSS feed readers, people who bookmark your sites, and even keep them coming back for more, on a regular basis.

So, SMO has become of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization today that one must NOT overlook; otherwise you may be losing out on something really big.

I’ve started my social media optimization campaign – are you game?


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