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Live Group Learning

by Om Thoke

Topics to be Covered


  • Need to go online & become #AatmaNirbhar
  • Making Money as Freelancer from Fiverr, Truelancer, Freelancer etc
  • 100% Hands-On Learning on Finding Micro-Niches
  • How to Start Your First Micro Niche Blog
  • Laying the Foundation with low DQR Keyword Research
  • Creating Content the Right Way
  • Building Backlinks
  • Becoming Popular on Quora
  • Hitting the 1st Page of Bing & Yahoo!
  • Hitting the 1st Page of Google
  • Getting Social Love from LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Monetising Your Blog
  • Becoming an Influencer
  • Thinking Beyond Google Adsense
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing & Indian E-commerce Ecosystem
  • RoadMap to Earning First $100 in 100 Days
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Learning how to get sponsored posts
  • Google Adsense placement, and revenue optimisation

The World is Going Digital & So Should You!

COVID OUTbreak has changed the world!

  • Colleges like IIMV have made classes, and even exams 100% online
  • MNCs are working 100% remotely yet efficiently
  • Even the old-school kiranawala is selling essential items via Dunzo, Amazon, and other platforms
  • Zoom App is now the #1 App on Playstore due to worldwide office meetings being held online 24x7
  • If you don't go online, your business would turn obsolete within no time!

$108 1st Online Income at Age 20



13,000+ Blogs Built in 14 Years


1st Crore at Age 25



6 Companies Bootstrapped by Age 30


3 Startup Investments by Age 33

If I can do it, so can you!

OM THOKE | Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, Ecom expert, Startup investor & Mentor

100% Practical Learning

there are countless digital courses in the market but...

The problem is… 99% people who teach you secrets to make a million dollars with their secret tips have never seen a million dollars in their bank account!

Om has helped thousands of people start from zero

Few lucky ones have even grown from Rs 10,000/mo to $10k/day in 5 years time

In this group learning program, you’d learn only 100% practical knowledge – no superficial mumbo jumbo!

Om has proven records of generating over $10M in Revenues

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How to Start Your Blog?

pick something you're passionate about

– Build a blog around your area of interest

– Choose the right domain name targeting a micro-niche

– Choose the right hosting provider

– Learn how to give it a professional look & feel with Premium Theme

– Learn how to drive traffic to your blog

– Learn how to build social following

– Rank on 1st Page of Bing & Yahoo!

– Rank on 1st page of Google with power of SEO

– Become a micro influencer

– Monetise your blog

– Think Beyond Adsense

Laying The Foundation


Choose a keyword with

Monthly Search Volume > 30,000

DQR < 99 (DQR = Double Quote Results = No of About

Results you see when you Google the keyword in ” “)

CPC > $0.1

At least 1 sponsored ad displaying for the target keyword

Creating Content the Right Way


When you start building a reader-base with a specific style of writing, you gain loyal followers, and that’s only possible with original, engaging posts

Post frequently to keep the readers coming back to your blog every other day

Create Share-worthy contents so that people talk about your posts on social media

See what kind of web pages are ranking on 1st page of Google, and try to outsmart them in terms of quality as well as quantity (word count)


Creating Content the Right Way


  • It takes time and a lot of effort to get popular in blogosphere
  • You need time & credibility to establish connects in the industry
  • It takes a decent amount of backlinks to get to page 1 of Google
  • If you try to do it TOO FAST, your blog could get "Sandboxed" by Google
  • If you try to do it TOO FAST, your blog could be "Sandboxed" by BigG
  • Create a strong presence on Quora & other platforms

  • You can get started as Freelancer on platforms like Fiverr
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Hitting the 1st Page of Google


– Once you build the blog and backlinks, you would end up somewhere on page 3 or 4 (perhaps 2 if you’re lucky!)

– If you don’t rank, don’t get frustrated

– Work on 4-5 keywords simultaneously to measure progress

– Build some social shares and referral traffic from Quora

Keep experimenting until you make it to page 1 for a keyword

– Once you rank for a keyword, it’s a matter of rinsing & repeating the process for the other keywords

Getting the Social Love


100K Instagram Followers

250k Views on Single LinkedIn Post

800k Views on Quora

60k FB Followers



Monetising Your Blog



Approx 30-33% of the clicks go to the site ranking of page 1 of Google, 2nd domain sees 17.6%, while the 7th only sees 3.5%

Reminder: Nobody goes to page 2 or 3

  • It takes time and effort to get to page 1.
  • You can expect to make Rs 50-100 per 1000 organic visits

People often have misconception that Google Adsense can just help you make $100-200/mo but a blog with 4000-5000 visits/day can fetch you as much as Rs 1 Lakh/month

Google Adsense

Opportunities Beyond Adsense

Google Adsense is just the beginning of monetisation – Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, Paid Campaigns can fetch you a lot more money, once your blog has enough traffic and traction.


Selling Products From Your Blog

Once you manage to promote affiliate products/services of other companies, you can start selling your own products/services too!

By selling 50 items/day with AOV of Rs 2000, you can generate a lakh/day

Here’s our Ecom Store that did 5 Crore+ Revenues in 100 Days!

Becoming an Influencer

  • Micro Influencer with 1000+ followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and LinkedIn get 250 to 350 per post.
  • Blogs with domain authority over 20 get 200 to 400 per post.
  • It takes about minimum of 6 months time to get there.
  • Once you build enough loyal following, sky is the limit.