Yahoo Sets Fees for BOSS Search Developer Program!


The sub-project of search querying results code-named BOSS will now have a limited index and will not be refreshed so often. Developers who wanted to query their results, used the custom search engine built on Yahoo infrastructure.

The search used to cost a lot to Yahoo when developers requested heavy queries so Yahoo has now planned a fee structure based on number of queries that it will process, more like what WordTracker did with Free Keyword Tracking Tool (limiting daily free searches to 20).

What is Boss?

BOSSstands for Build your Own Search Service, which is aimed for single and organizational uses. The fee will be charged on monthly basis, depending upon the number of queries processed.

It’s identical to what Copyscape implemented long time back, allowing premium users to make use of Copyscape premium service with $0.05 per search, and limiting usage of free services.


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