Why Is It Important to Set Goals?


Unless you set goals in life, it’s extremely tough to move ahead briskly, whether it’s on your career front or personal life! It’s not that I haven’t been working hard all these years, but I’m quite amused to find out what wonders a small inspiration can really do!
2011 Hayabusa
I’m a lean 5’10 tall 44kg guy, and I know that I’m underweight, but despite slogging for 20 hours a day, I could never find 30 mins to go to gym, take my lunch and dinner on time for past 5 years. But, since the day I decided to buy a superbike, I’ve set my goal of becoming 60kg, and having a better physique, and that has now become my driving force to go to gym and eat a LOT daily!

I’m counting my daily calories, and also working out to build a little bit of muscle (so that all calories don’t translate into a fatty body!), and also trying hard to earn a little more to be able to afford that superbike without really pinching my pockets!

Yesterday, I took the test drive of my dream superbike – the Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR-1300, and I wasn’t too badly hurt to figure out that it was 15.21 lakhs on-road (though I was hoping it to be around 11-12lakhs), but rather I was depressed to figure out that it was 300+kg (too heavy for me right now!), and I definitely need a good physique, and min 60-70 kgs of weight to handle it’s load!

So, I’ve realized the fact that when you set goals, you must have an inspiration or a reason to do it; some guys build physique and muscles to impress girls, some do it for personal satisfaction, in my case, it’s a little different, but I’m quite happy that inspiration is strong enough to drive me daily, and help me reach your goal.

Same thing applies to making money on the internet, and unless you’ve a very strong reason, you’re not going to succeed very fast! (this is NOT B*S* – I’ve experienced it, and seen that it applies to most of the successful entrepreneurs!)


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