What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online According to You?


After writing thousands of articles, I thought let me ask my readers and fellow bloggers – what’s the best way to make money online according to them, and hear some interesting things!

Before I appeal my readers to drop comments, I guess I need to play fair and square, and at least give some inputs from my end, rather than turning this post into just a poll!

According to me, the best way to make money online, is definitely writing because I love writing personally! And, when I say writing, I’m not referring to B*S* – I mean something that you’re passionate about… For instance, I’m crazy about cars, superbikes, watches, SEO, and I can go on and on, writing hundreds and thousands of articles on these topics… But, the key is I won’t try to insert fluff into them, because I know what to write!

On the other hand, when you forcibly try to write on topics that you don’t know much about, you happen to write crap! You end up rewriting info that’s already available online, and fail to offer anything new and useful to your readers, which is bound to annoy them – and the result? Such visitors never come back to your blog again!

Therefore, what you need to understand is blogging is the right path for those who ACTUALLY love to blog, and not for those who’re forcibly trying to blog!

Once your blog gets popular, there are tons of ways to make money through it, such as Google Adsense, Sponsored Reviews, Infolinks, Text-Link-Ads, BuySellAds, banner ads, and other advertising networks.

But, even if you’re a newbie and struggling to earn pennies, NEVER fall for those get rich quick scams!

So, now I’d like to hear what the best way to make money online really is, according to my readers – c’mon I’m all ears, and in a good mood to grasp a good business idea.


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