What Are the Best Off-Page SEO Techniques? [Updated Sept 2020]

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

Two SEO strategies determine your site’s future—namely, on-page and off-page tactics. Off-page techniques include what can be done outside of your website to improve your ranking. Let us take a look at how that can be done.

Brand Mentions

Gary Illyes, a famous Google trends analyst, says if you have got good content, backlinks, social media mentions, and people talking about your brand, you must be doing great. Social media signals search engines that talk about you. Increase the number of times your brand is mentioned on social media and go ahead to answer questions to build a reputation of trust amongst your audience.


Earlier, you could gain backlinks if you randomly left a comment on a post. However, this strategy doesn’t hold good now as Google has banned useless comments for backlinks. Most people overlook commenting. However, it can work wonders if done on the right post amongst the right audience. It can even help build relationships with the owner of the blog and other viewers.


If you find forums related to the services or products offered by your business, indulge in them. Google is fond of discussions, so make use of that. Reply to threads, answer questions and help people out. Remember to make a complete profile with your signature on the anchor, so every time you reply, it is seen. Being active in forums that offer do-follow links helps.

Influencer Outreach

You could add a sector to your article that is community-driven and then reach out to influencers for their advice. Later, highlight their suggestions in some way, so the rest of the viewers can look at it. Once your content is published, you could ask the influencers to share it. Influencers have a higher reach with viewers, so build relationships with them to increase yours.

Content Marketing

You must understand that different content is meant for various social media platforms. Instagram is where most often images go. YouTube is meant for videos and Facebook and Twitter show what you are feeling and your thoughts. Most often, we end up sharing our content on Twitter but forget about YouTube. For example, you can make a YouTube video regarding your article and link it to the description box. In this way, viewers will find both your content and video from the respective platforms. Remember to repurpose the content as much as you can and make use of all social media platforms.

Social Networking

It is no news that people spend the majority of their time today web surfing on social media. While creating a good SEO strategy, that is off-page, remember to use social media to earn greater reach.

When your content is clicked from several IPs, it gives out a sign that it is more authoritative. This then notifies Google about your content and several thousand people around the globe end up viewing it. If your content is of good quality and has real-world statistics that you wish to share, it can reach an even wider audience.

The above are the factors you must take care of while carrying out off-page SEO. However, remember that your SEO strategy is incomplete with on-page techniques. Else, your content will not have a high rank among SERPs.


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