Trying to Regain My Passion to Earn Money Online


To earn money online, you need to have that passion, and you must be ready to slog for 18-20hours a day, and take all the pain that comes your way, to get the ultimate reward!

For past 6months or so, I had been slightly off-track, and had loosened up a bit, and I had almost stopped taking new SEO and content writing projects totally, and gone to my comfort zone, but right after making my top 10 list for 2012, I’m pumped up again, and I’ve taken a new challenge today, and I’m back to my writing fever.

I spent almost 21 hours working on my laptop yesterday, and I’m already feeling great about being back to my earning mode!

If you’re new to online marketing world, you need to understand one thing very clearly – more you work, harder you try, easier it’d be to make money on the internet.

It’d never be easy to make your first $100,000 but once you cross that barrier, there’s nothing stopping you. Now, I want to cross my 1st crore, and quickly build a huge online empire to move towards the second one. The first one took almost 5 years to come, but I’m not going to wait for more than 2 years for the second one, and I’d try my best to ensure that the third, fourth, and successive ones follow @ 1/year (or more!).

For those who’re struggling to make money online with Google Adsense, I’d like to tell you that it has become quite tough these days, and even my Adsense earnings had taken a beating in past couple of months, but now they’re slowly coming back to better levels. If you’re slapped by Panda, it can be really tough to recover, so I’d advise that you also start a new blog on the side, to make up for the losses incurred, and keep trying to revive your old blog as well.

Affiliate marketing has also become quite competitive, but if you’ve dogged determination nothing can stop you – trust me, this is not inspirational B*S* – that’s my practical experience of last 6 years!

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Om Thoke is one of the veteran bloggers in Indian blogosphere, and he's now a critically acclaimed digital marketer worldwide, who has been invited by reputed colleges like IIMV for guest lectures, as keynote speaker at Affiliate World Conference(AWA Bangkok 2019), and he has penned down over 15,000 articles himself over last 15 years, and he loves writing daily, alongside playing guitar, singing Karaoke, hanging out at the coolest pubs in Bangalore, and globe-trotting (of course, his hands are tied due to the COVID-19 outbreak)


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