Top 5 Trends in App Development

5 Trends in App Development

Smartphones have continuously changed our lives over the last few years. And they act as a massive resource for learners as well as businesses, thanks to their enormous popularity and functionality. For years now, the mobile device industry has been reshaping the market. Regardless of the business domain, every other company wants to incorporate the latest technology for mobile app development to achieve maximum growth and increase the ways to reach the target audience.

Here is a list of the top 5 trends in app development:

  1. Rise in Consumer Expenditure

Customers in app stores want to spend their money comfortably on the platform. App Annie, the leading market data analytics company, predicts consumer spending in the mobile platforms would surpass $122 billion by the year 2020. If this prediction is correct, this will indicate that consumer spending in the app store will be growing at a pace five times that of the global economy as a whole. The above remarkable rise in demand for gaming apps would largely be attributed to the increasing number.

  1. Artificial Intelligence-Based Development

In their development phase, even more organizations are utilizing advanced tools and technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence. That’s why a need for simple-to-use tools is quickly emerging that makes sense for the app developers and not just the data scientists. Consequently, by 2022, 40 percent of all new app development projects would have co-developers with Artificial Intelligence expertise as predicted by Gartner.

  1. Blockchain

As a technology, Blockchain has the possibilities and potential to alter the direction and shape of the industrial landscape by utilizing a decentralized trust, ensuring operational transparency and minimizing tension across business ecosystems. Only now,  Blockchain is starting to get the interest of most of the new-age CIOs as they assess the possibilities of this controversial technology. In simple terms, it is expected that Blockchain will contribute more to the mobile app industry by decentralizing the mobile app itself, just as Bitcoin’s blockchain did for the money.

  1. Streaming Videos on Mobile

For every 60 minutes that the consumers would spend on consuming content in 2020, 10 minutes would be spent watching videos viewed on mobile devices. The leaders will include short-form video sites such as YouTube, social media applications such as Tik Tok, in addition to the growing number of short-form videos being posted on Instagram and Snapchat, among all such videos being shared.

  1. Wearable Devices

You’ve seen wearable devices in the market already. A few are smartwatches, trackers,fitness bands, and smart rings. These wearable devices have changed the way we communicate with intelligent devices. There is no doubt that the Wearables industry demand is rising rapidly. Mobile apps have to support this technology due to the promising market for wearable devices. Many applications don’t integrate with wearable devices though. A wearable requires a platform for operating. Therefore developers have to integrate their apps with wearable devices.

We believe that keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is the best way to keep up with ever-changing customer’s needs and the competition. And we hope we’ve shared valuable insight into the trends in mobile app development with this blog.


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