Top 100 Seo Tips: Part 2


Alright, here comes the part 2 of top 100 seo tips; make sure that you’ve read the part 1 of this series of top 100 seo tips, and grasped the basics, before you really move on to this set.

Once again let me make it very clear, these tips aren’t meant for professional bloggers who’ve been blogging for years together, but rather aimed at helping the beginner level bloggers who’re struggling to get things right!

So, since I don’t have enough strength to compile remaining tips at one go, I will be dividing them in many more sets of top 10 SEO tips., top 3 sep tips, and so on. This time around, I’ve come up with 6 vital techniques to improve your blog visibility.

Top 6 SEO Tips for Improving Blog Visibility

1. Creating Enough Content: Well if you’re dying to get some serious search engine traffic, make sure that you’ve got at least 10,000 words of valuable data on your blog. Unfortunately, GoogleYahoo!Bing and most of the search engines don’t count 100 posts containing gibberish and few images, or video clips together as sensible information.

I’d suggest about 50-60 highly informative blog posts which are 200-250 words long.

2. Social Bookmarking: Well, if you’re not aware of the power of social bookmarking then it’s time to convert your Facebook Fans, and Twitter followers!

To help you in getting kick-started with social bookmarking, here’s a list of Top 10 Social bookmarking sites

3. Improving Alexa Rank – Well, I am going to write a separate blog post on this, but in simple words, installing Alexa toolbar, and alexa site widget helps a lot in the longer run.

4. Building Rapport in Blogosphere: Sure thing, you can call these more of blogging tips, but they help a great deal in improving SERP rankings of your blog, and hence i count them amongst essentials of basic SEO.

Try to comment on blog posts of fellow bloggers without really SPAMMING around.

5. Power of Forum Posting: You’re not going to like registering on hundreds of forums initially, but once you settle down, and see what’s happening around, you’d be simply delighted. All you need to do is to find at least 50 good forums of your niche, register on them, and interact with community members, get involved in discussions, and no sooner will you find a signature – meaning a free backlink – YEAH!

6. Increasing Backlink Count: If you’re fairly new to blogosphere you may ask – what the heck is a backlink anyway! Well, in simple terms, the number of sites/blogs linking to your blog are referred to as backlink. You can google search link:http:// to find number of incoming links. I will be doing a separate blog post on increasing back links next week, describing well planned strategies to form a successful link building campaign – so don’t do this in vain!

That’s it for today – stay connected for more SEO tips :)


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