The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumer Attitude


Influencer Marketing isn’t a new marketing trend; influencers existed long before. However, digital technology and social platforms like Instagram and Facebook have not only made this procedure famous but also much more available. Influencers could advertise through their profiles with so many followers, express and make judgments on certain things, and create and influence others as well. Influencers are often or could be humorous and offering fresh and fun ways to spread the appeal of a brand.

Understanding the Impact of Influencer Marketing

The effect of influencer marketing on consumer behavior is identical to that of the school’s famous boy — others like to be friends with them, recognize their preferences, and really want to follow their footsteps. There are three types of online influencers: micro-, macro-, and mega-influencer.

Brands should try using influencer marketing to promote awareness and boost revenue by recognizing how the influencer-follower relationship works.  Influencers are content creators or bloggers They have developed a reputation of being specialists on or professionals of a particular topic. They publish, stream, or write about the topic frequently, creating follower’s interaction, and can be super helpful for promoting a service like shipping aggregator in India.

While it is difficult to progress nicely, without question, influencer marketing can deliver critical ROI for advertisers.We trust the people we know, and therefore they do, when someone they know advises them to go, do, see, try out or buy stuff. Everything will occur when you are able to work with the right influencers, with the right audience. Choosing the right influencers, partnering together to create a strategy that fits the demographic, requesting input from influencers and incorporating their ideas into the strategies, tracking results, tweaking strategies along the way — these are all aspects that make a good influencer marketing strategy.

Before deciding to purchase a product or service, most respondents specifically looks for information and suggestions from other buyers on the internet, and there’s a major impact of Influencer Marketing on their buying decisions.

Recommendations, feedback, content sharing about certain brands, and input from influencers are critical factors in presenting knowledge on other products or services and enabling customers to acquire and improve brand recognition.

In a Nutshell

Keep in mind, Influencer Marketing isn’t about having the biggest scope. It is about establishing relationships of quality, which generate leads of value. So, consider an influencer who encourages an approach that expresses your story about your product, and a market that is packed with loyal followers.

Brands are beginning to depend on influencers and their supporters for artistic motivation as they establish their own community. By associating with psychological values and knowing how influencers work in that context, we can better determine whether to focus the virtual engagement activities with the best influencers.Of the main metrics of an influencer’s potential to influence are integrity, popularity and reliability.

Update 2020: Don’t ruin your brand promoting a shitty product/service just for Rs 5000-Rs 10,000 as it can cause long-term damage to your brand – i must have turned down offers worth min Rs 10 lakhs+ in last 13 years, as I didn’t want to ruin my brand image for $50-100 each time some shady advertiser reached out to me to promote a service/product that even I wasn’t sure of!


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