Staying Motivated as Blogger Even When Results Don’t Show Quickly


Staying motivated as a blogger can be tough at times, when you don’t see working the way you planned them to, and I can feel the pain of new bloggers now with the December challenge I’ve taken up!

It sure feels nice to be back in the blogging mode ever since i started Bloggers WorldBlogging Plus and Startups World, and I had set $10,000+ revenue target for December and I was hoping that at least 20% of that would come from Adsense.

Remember I had reset my Adsense to zero but moving out all sites to another account, and started afresh on Dec 1, 2016 and I’m no longer seeing the usual $100+ a day on my Adsense account, and it’s a terrible feeling honestly to see those $0.5 to $1 per day figures in the dashboard.

Lot of Traffic, But Low Earnings

Missing my $1000+ per Blog from Adsense

Today, i was feeling nostalgic looking at my old Adsense stats, as some of my old car blogs like LatestAutoReviews, DriveSUVs, and LatestCarPictures used to generate $1000+ a month each.
And, I decided to revive them today, starting with, and I’ve started building another tech blog alongside Mobile Hacks 24Flmy & Bollywood Babes.

From past 3 days, I’ve been barely sleeping or doing any other business meetings, and just building the blogs, churning out dozens of articles, creating backlinks, guiding the team, and getting stuff done.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t even gone to office since Thursday, and I’ve been working from home for about 15+ hours a day, and another couple of days, I’ll continue to do so, before I fly to Kuwait.

BTW if you look at these terribly Adsense numbers after seeing the first screenshot, you’ll need more than a beer to stay motivated, and I’m somehow going, because I’m balancing things from affiliate campaigns that are fetching me $300-$500 a day, otherwise looking at $1-5 a day from Adsense can be kinda’ depressing, to say the least.

But, i know these will soon grow to $100+ a day within a matter of couple of months, and if i give up now, it’ll be a total waste of time, and I’d be killing at least $25,000+ of my annual revenues of 2017, if not $50k+.


Tough Times Bring Out the Best in You!

Another great thing is that in this process, I’m creating at least 5-10 new blogs per day, and we’ve started making money with VCommission & GoDaddy quite well too.

Moral of the story is that you gotta’ stay focused and learn the art of staying motivated as a blogger even if the results don’t show up as expected because that’s the only way to succeed – it’s not over until you win – as simple as that!

And, my source of motivation is my upcoming BMW Z4 convertible – and if you need extra dose of motivation, join our Bloggers World WhatsApp & FB groups, and keep reading the “Blog of the Week, Case Studies and Keyword Ideas of the Day sections every day before sleeping. 😉

Quite clearly, you can see my motivation level as I’m even writing posts like these where search volume for keywords like “motivation for blogging” and “staying motivated as blogger” is ZERO today, and instead of going after keywords like “best indian blogger” I’m still writing such posts & flurry of tutorials on by looking at the bigger picture – so stay focused, stay blessed & stay motivated – keep blogging!


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