Sports Uniforms History at a Glance


Did you ever bother to discover anything about the sports uniforms history? Well, you would have seen the athletes in sports uniforms during organized sports on professional and amateur playing fields. These uniforms facilitate for easy identification of rivals and let the onlookers to differentiate between the teams.

Throughout the sports uniforms history, they have been tailored and redesigned to benefit the players and fans. Here’s a brief history of sports uniforms.

A Brief History

Sports players have always been wearing some type of identifying accessory or clothes ever since the start of organized sports. The origin of sports uniforms is credited to the human custom of assigning specific symbols and colors to visually symbolize kingdoms, tribes, and nations.

Sports uniforms were introduced at the turn of the twentieth century. New York Knickerbockers (the baseball team) are accredited to have worn the first uniform in the United States in 1849. However, Europeans football players had worn different uniform designs in the 1800s itself.

Modern Uniforms

Sports uniforms were commonly worn by players by the mid-20th century. Sports organizations started to produce imitations of their jerseys to be sold to fans. It was in 1990s that Major League Baseball (MLB) began to give fans the exact imitations of their team’s uniforms. This was soon followed throughout the world by pro sports leagues.

Sports uniforms have began to be the modern means for advertising. Scholastic and youth sports often have the logos of sponsoring companies engraved on the uniforms. The companies also shell out huge amounts of money for getting their name designed on the uniforms.


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