Six Enticing Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Next Holiday at Malta


Six Enticing Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Next Holiday at Malta

Malta is one of the smallest islands of Europe located in the middle of the Mediterranean. Malta and the islands around this place are great choices for year-round destination among the travel enthusiasts from across the world. This pretty little island is regarded to be a popular vacation destination for Europeans, the majority of which, include tourists from Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Holland. There are many reasons as to why people visit this small island and Malta also offers plenty of things for the tourists to do. Discussed below are six genuine reasons why Malta makes a holiday destination, and why you may want to consider it for planning your next vacation too.

Great Outdoor Sports Activities

With its splendid scenery and excellent climate, Malta boasts of several opportunities for people who love outdoor sports. You can go horse riding around the Golden Bay, rent a mountain bike to move around Victoria or ramble on the established walks around Malta to have the experience of your lifetime.

It is a great location for a host of other sports like mountain biking, Paragliding, hiking, rock-climbing, windsurfing, and yachting. There is certainly lots of stuff to keep you entertained irrespective of the time of year.

Rich Culture and Heritage

Throughout the years, foreign rulers have been coming and going from these islands, leaving behind their mark on Maltese culture. So, this place is sopped in culture and heritage and provides a huge number of historical and cultural places in very short distances from one another, making it a unique site in the world map of heritage and culture.

Accommodation at Reasonable Rates

There are few really impressive accommodation facilities across the island at reasonable rates. With new accommodations being built on a large scale, there is no dearth of places to reside within your budget. The popular areas for resorts are Bugibba/Qawra, Sliema, and St. Julian’s- all located in the Northern part of Malta. If you are for a holiday in Malta, bargains on accommodations would be great during the off-season periods. So, try to plan your vacation during the off-season to enjoy the best deals.

Great Nightlife

Spending nights out in the town of Malta is a lot of fun because the place hosts a real clubbing hub, which offers many clubs located almost door to door. This is called Paceville (St. Julian’s) and plays various music genres to suit the taste of everyone. However, open-air clubs make clubbing in the town even more special. You can spend the warm summer nights dancing to the new trance and club anthems or hip hop beats. This is something that you just cannot miss out during your holiday to Malta.

It’s a Great Round-the-Year Destination

Like most of the other Mediterranean Countries, Malta is not often cold. Warm summers and mild winters with an approximate temperature of 22-23 degree Celsius means good weather conditions for great weather in winter as well as hot summer holidays. The wide range of activities that keep you entertained throughout the year makes it a great place to spend your holidays. The weather conditions are what make this place a hot spot for holiday all year round.

With all these reasons, you should not miss out on planning a vacation to Malta Islands. Once you visit this place for a holiday, you would certainly want to visit over and again. So, come and fall in love with Malta this holiday season


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