SEO Tips: Link Building Using FaceBook and Twitter


Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the hottest way of driving traffic as well as building links.

However, there has been a never-ending discussion about the fact that FB & Twitter have nofollow links, which means that those links don’t help in improving pagerank of your blogs/web pages.

So, let’s analysis the effect of in-links from Twitter and Facebook one by one.

Twitter Links: When you see twitter profile like, even that has PR9 just like the homepage PR9; likewise all inner pages of twitter show-up PR9 in the pagerank bar.

So, it’s pretty obvious that you’re not going to get any PR juice out of them (if you could even get 100 PR9 links, your blog would be easily PR6 or PR7 isn’t it? and the world would have been a better place to SEO!!)

But, you can drive massive traffic tweeting interesting news if you’ve got thousands of followers.

FB Links: Unlike Twitter, profile page of various individuals DO have separate page-ranks, so I was extremely keen on knowing whether these links would really make a difference.

So, I decided to do a small test – I created a few FB fan pages & gave them links from my profile my liking them (my FB profile page has PR0), and about 50 likes from other FB users that have higher PR profile pages.

And, guess what the results were quite impressive – I saw 3 FB fanpages getting PR0 within just a week’s time. And, some of my new blogs that were not even indexed, got PR0 instantly, along with those FB fan pages.

So, I strongly believe that FB links can be used to improve page-rank of your site to a good extent, however I’m not too sure whether all this was reality, or just some extra-ordinary co-incidence!

In either case, you should consider using FB & twitter to your advantage in order to improve traffic stats of your site.


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