Heard of an Outie Car?


It’s quite funny how a word like “outie car” comes into existence… Basically, when I was researching a few keywords related to Audi cars, I came across this keyword “outie car” and thought that it was a new automotive launch.

But, I couldn’t help start laughing when I did a few google searches, and realized that there’s nothing called an outie car as such.

Basically, I saw a few threads on Yahoo Answers discussing “what is outie car” and the answers were extremely funny! What I could infer from all the discussion was that folks from a particular nation are spelling “Audi” as Outie since it’s pronounced “OW-dee” and due to the difference in their pronunciation even the spelling has changed…

Early on, I had thought perhaps folks are abbreviating Mitsubishi Outlander as Outie, just the way we cut short Cadillac as Caddy (lol!)

As a matter of fact, there’s a forum thread on Edmunds that talks about Outie I4 w CVT vs V6 Auto comparison MPG/towing, which confirmed my thoughts that Outlander is abbreviated as Outie.

But, what’s more surprising is that when you google up outie car and hit the space you’d see suggestions like outie car prices, outie car images, and even “black outie car”, which is extremely bizarre to say the least.

This means there’s a bunch of automotive enthusiasts who’re frequently searching Audi cars, misspelling Audi as Outie! (ouch!)


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