Operating the New Jelly Bean Software on Previous Year’s Kindle Fire


In case, you have bought a Kindle Fire at an instant well before Amazon revitalized the listing in 2012 September, there is some real bad news for you – not even a single advancement that has been made to the new software used by the 2012 edition of both Kindle HD and Kindle Fire are expected to be carried to your new tablet.

Problems in Older Kindle-Fire Unlikely to be addressed

If there are any specific complaints with regards to the way your older Fire operates, that is too bad, since it is almost at the end of the era. Fortunately, the price-cut and immense reputation of Fire relative to many other Android software based devices has actually helped it in becoming the common goal for bustling open source community of Android, which has computerized most of the occasionally messy procedure of rooting your tablet.

The entire process of rooting has been boiled by the new Kindle Fire Utility down to a pair of new stages, and from there it is somewhat stress-free to discover highly steady Jelly Bean ROMs. A Cyanogen Mod based edition is well-maintained actively; however, most of the consumers still favor the previous Hashcode ROM, which looks very identical to the interface that is found on the latest Nexus 7 device.

Root Your Kindle

Liliputing devises a fairly practical guide that could assist you to get through anything effortlessly by offering the extra assistance that you might require; however the consumers need to remember all the standard cautions about rooting tablets. It has been said that soon all consumes would witness that installing various kinds of software on Kindle Fire can considerably raise the bar with regard to its utility as well as speed; however, it doesn’t come completely devoid of warnings.

Remember That You’ll Lose the Warranty

But, if you decide to perform this on your previous year’s Kindle Fire, you should know that you are certainly canceling what is left of the device’s standard warranty, and even though most of the consumers had no significant problems with the above tools, there is some possibility of you turning your device into an inoperable brick. There are a few Android features that might function irregularly, but there might be some bugs related to software that the developers of these latest ROMs never been known to fixing.

In fact, there are some serious security alarms as well, since cracking the device’s boot loader could make it a lot stress-free to get completely crumpled by malicious code, and in case of any online identity theft, it could lead to loss of all vital personal information of the respective user, which may potentially lead to credit card frauds.


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