New Samsung Galaxy Note (T-Mobile) Marks Several Improvements


T-Mobile’s New Galaxy Note developed from the house of the South Korean technology giant, Samsung, comes with Android’s new 4.0-Ice Cream Sandwich, a 5.3 inch High Definition (HD) screen, and the S Note application that is ideal for multimedia & video playback.

It has 4G, a powerful eight megapixel camera, and an S Pen stylus that provides many new ways to interact with your handset. The major downside of this device is its S Pen’s size – it is too small, and also requires some initial training to use. For some consumers, the new phone may look awkwardly large, and it may not fit quite easily into their pockets.

At first, the new Note may not look too different from the initial version, and I’ve been using the Galaxy Note N7000 for over 4 months now, and failed to spot too many improvements in the new Samsung Galaxy Note as well; but, when you get into the nitty-gritty, you’ll actually discover quite a few differences to say the least.

Detailed Insight into the New Galaxy Note

After a successful international debut, Samsung is bringing its new supersize Galaxy Note handset to T-Mobile on 8th of August 2012. The latest T-Mobile’s edition of Galaxy Note comes with an in-built new Android 4.0-version Ice Cream Sandwich, and drives on HSPA + 42 4G network of T-Mobile, which is its fastest.

S Memo and S Note apps are on-board, with many new features that extend on the influence of the new itty-bitty stylus. Note’s eight-megapixel camera, front facing 2-megapixel camera, and 1.5 GHz dual core processor continue to perform really well. At 5.8-inches tall, 3.3-inches wide and only 0.37-inch thick, the new black phone looks like a curved roof shingle. The footprint is huge, so it could protrude in both front and rear pockets, but fits well in a purse.
Operating the new phone one-handed is in fact a limited venture, even with the special keyboard setting switched on.

But, its new roomy virtual keyboard is really appreciable as it reduces eye strain considerably, and offers fingers or the stylus loads of area to hit a digital button. Even though it is a huge phone, it is somewhat easy on the eyes, and its slim design keeps it appearing light and lean.

Similar to other models available in the present Galaxy Series, the new Note’s body is produced from plastic materials. Although plastic doesn’t seem upscale, it does provide its own sort of toughness over glass pieces that could break or paint finishing that could probably chip off metal fixtures.

Outside the new 4G HSPA+ network, the new Galaxy Note provides Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, multimedia and text messaging, and Android’s liking for incorporating social networks into almost boundless address books. The consumers can get access to all of Google’s normal apps and services along with many advanced features.


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