New Google+ Features May Help SEO Professionals Further


There are many new features expected in the new Google+ version, which would be made available publicly during the first week of August, 2011.

It’d not just amuse the general public, but also help SEO professionals in getting valuable back-links, just the way they had been leveraging Facebook and Twitter in past.

It’s pretty annoying that Google+ is purging up user accounts, and now you get to see user-names like Paris Hilton etc, which are actually hard to decipher, so as to be able to figure out if it’s the real Paris Hilton or just some shoddy Google+ user trying to bluff around!

But, in the middle of all this, Google+ is evolving as a giant in the SMO and social networking arena, and you can be rest assured that FB is going to have a hard time growing at the rate at which it was growing before the entry of Google+ few weeks back.

A lot would become clear once Google finally rolls out the public release of Plus, and fixes up the privacy concerns. So, let’s wait and watch what Google has got in stores for us this month end!


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