My Top 10 List for 2012


Over past few days, I’ve read a whole lot of top 10 lists, and I’ve written many of them for others too, so I thought why not make my very own unique top 10 wishlist for 2012.

Well, first off, I’ve decided NOT to spend a single penny for the next 5 months, and FIRST buy a villa/empty site & build a house by May 2012, so that’s on top of my list.
suzuki hayabusa
A Suzuki Hayabusa or Yamaha R1 and an SUV would have been certainly on top of my list, but I’m quite sick of my wife cribbing every now and then that we don’t have a villa/GOOD HOUSE or a 3BHK flat, so that needs immediate attention, because otherwise I’d not be able to live peacefully for too long.

Secondly, I’ve dumped the idea of opening a branch in US/Europe just for the heck of getting the so-called MNC tag; I guess now I’ve my own identity, and I don’t need any MNC B*S* to be tagged to my company as such! (oh yes, my wife is crazy about living abroad, but now I’ve no desire to do that!)

Thirdly, after taking a lot of test drives of superbikes this weekend, I realized that my budget of 5-6lakhs wouldn’t fetch me a satisfying superbike (I thought 6lakhs would be more than enough initially!), and I’d still be craving for power of a Hayabusa or R1, then what’s the bloody point of shredding off so much money on a Hyosung GT 650! But, at least the desire to buy a superbike has made me health conscious, and I’m now enjoying gymming everyday, and counting my calories intake ensuring that I somehow gulp > 3000kcal daily!

And, I guess I’m done with buying all those fancy perfumes, Rado watches, smartphones, tablets, jackets (except a Blackberry but currently I don’t fit into them), funky shoes, and all those gadgets that I hardly make use of (like my Ps3, Camcorder, iPod or 3D TV) these days.

1. Villa in a good locality in south Bangalore
2. Suzuki Hayabusa/Yamaha YZF R1
3. Mahindra XUV 500/any other good SUV that’d be rocking the market in 2012.
4. A convertible like San Storm that won’t hurt my pockets much
5. To release my first book or music album (haven’t planned too much about it, but I’ve a good storyline for a killer novel, and few songs written for an album!)
6. Build a powerful site on health niche (or buy one)
7. Honda Accord 2007 model (yeah I’ll have to take a used one, but I’m simply crazy about it!)
8. Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc or a Harley Davidson Xtra low 883cc cruiser
9. To be featured in a big business magazine.
10. To be min 60kg, and fit into Blazers of size 38 or more, and buy a Blackberry Jacket/Blazer.

I’m definitely inspired by Sachin Tendulkar and John Ab to have a fleet of superbikes and sports cars, and Jaguar XF diesel would be on my list in 2013 when I stabilize a bit, after receiving that massive blow of buying the villa! And, anyway when the family grows, all attention goes to the baby, and you never know when that’s coming, so I guess I’ll have to fulfill all my dreams in next 18-24months :)


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