My List of Top 10 Dream Bikes to Own


Hyosung GT 650R White
Biking freaks just can’t stop adoring the beasts like Harley Davidson Fatboy or the new Suzuki Hayabusa, but not all of these superbikes fall under the budget of common man.

In my case, things are slightly different; despite the fact that I can actually order a Hayabusa or a Ducati Panigale 1199 today, I guess I won’t look that great on them due to my physique, and I don’t really find it worth spending Rs20+ lakhs on a superbike like the BMW R 1200 or even Yamaha R1 for that matter, which sells at about 14.6 lakhs (on-road price in Bangalore) – instead I’d consider buying a VW Beetle for my wife, a Honda Accord (my favorite sedan) or BMW X1 or 4-5 superbikes listed in this post!

So, I’ve compiled my list of top 10 dream bikes to own (along with colors, price and their cubic capacity), from various categories, and the best color options as well… and I guess I’d like to see all of them parked in my garage in next 3-4 years, but I was quite confused where to start! (lol I know it sounds funny, but when you’ve got too many choices, and budget is not a constraint then things can get really confusing!)

1. TVS Apache RTR – (160-180cc) – It was my first bike, and a dream come true, because I had bought it in my college days with my own hard earned money in EMIs, and hence I simply can’t leave it out of my list…

But, don’t get me wrong – it truly deserves a spot in the list, as it outsmarts the Yamaha Fazer and Pulsar 150, 180 in most departments, and I love its looks too! But, I guess now it’s time to flaunt a superbike, and show the world who’s the boss!

Best Color: Grey/Black

Price Range: Rs67-75k (on-road price in Bangalore)

2. Honda CBR250r: (250cc segment) – It’s a sporty 250cc bike that doesn’t literally pinch your pocket if you’re looking at Ninja 250R or any other sporty 250cc option.

Best Color: Red & White

Price Range: Rs 1.65L-1.97L (on-road price in Bangalore) or $3,999 in US

3. Royal Enfield Electra (350cc): Well, riding a Royal Enfield definitely gives a totally different experience – there’s nothing like the cruising experience it can provide, and that too without having to shell out 6-7 lakhs on a cruiser bike like the Harley superlow XL 883 or a Hyosung ST7.

Best Color: Silver

Price Range: Rs 1.23L-1.28L (on-road price in Bangalore)

4. Hero Honda Diesel (400cc) – The first diesel bike in India would surely be worth your money, especially consider the fact that it’d be priced under 2 lakh mark with a good 400cc engine! I’m so very looking forward to grab this one, by end of 2012 or early days of 2013!

Best Color: N/A (colors yet to be revealed by Hero Motor Corp)

Price Range: Rs 1.7L-1.9L (on-road price in Bangalore)

5. Ducati Monster 795 – Yeah owning a Ducati will be a lot cheaper now, and you won’t have to blow off 9-10 lakhs on a 796 anymore, as the smaller sibling will be marketed around 6 lakh mark in India, which is simply superb, and without having a Ducati, you simply can’t call yourself a true biking freak!

Best Color: Orange/Red

Type: Sporty Touring/Cruiser Bike

6. Triumph Daytona 675 – (800cc) – If you haven’t heard of “Triumph” you’re definitely missing out on something – and that too the Daytona has been with me as my laptop’s wallpaper for quite some time, so I can’t wait until end of 2012, to get my hands on this one!

But, since it’s priced at $10k+ I’m guessing it won’t cost less than 10 lakhs in India, despite the rumors that it may compete with Hyosung 650R around 6 lakh mark! (I really doubt that!) So, if it’s way too over-priced, it may go off my list.

Best Color: Yellow/Blue

Type: Sporty Touring superbike

7. Hyosung GT 650R – Well what can I say about my next love – Hyosung GT 650R simply mesmerized me, the moment I entered the Hyosung showroom (Satya Mitra Motors in Bangalore), the first thing i noticed was this beast, and I was mentally prepared to hear a price of over 10lakhs, but to my surprise it was just 5.7lakhs on-road in Bangalore.

Both White & Red look stunning, but since I’ve got a red Mitsubishi Cedia, I had decided to order a metallic Pearl White GT 650R, but due to lack of stocks, I had to settle with a ruby red.

If you want a true sport bike around 6 lakhs, Hyosung 650R is the only worthy option in Indian markets at the moment.

PS: Those who say go for Ninja 650R, you should go and see the performance of the Ninja 650R and Hyosung GT 650R on the road, and then make a comment – Ninja 650 is NOT AT ALL a sports-bike!

Type: True Sports Superbike

Best Color: White

8. Harley Davidson Forty Eight – When you talk about dream bikes, a Harley has got to be on the list, otherwise I’d say the list is incomplete, but I’ve decide to keep only an entry level Harley on my list, which won’t actually burn holes in your pockets (I’m not saying it’s cheap though), and you get to enjoy a 1200cc under 10 lakh budget.

Type: Cruiser

Best Color: Black

Price: 10.2lakhs (on-road price in Bangalore)

9. Yamaha FZ 1/MT-01 – (1000cc) – Clean looks, sturdy body, and the tag of Yamaha – what more do you need under the 10 lakh budget?

For those who crave for more power, MT-01 is yet another fantastic option, but it’s over 13 lakhs mark (on-road price in Bangalore).

Type: Tourer/Cruiser

Best Color: Black (of course it’s gotta be black!)

10. Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-R 1300 (1340cc) – Well yeah that’s my ultimate dream superbike, and I won’t go beyond the 15 lakh budget for owning a superbike. Sure thing, the Harley Davidson Fatboy does fascinate me, and then there are BMW superbikes, and the expensive Ducatis and Aprillas, but I guess I’d rather save all that money to buy my dream cars! (yeah that top 10 list is coming next too!).

Best Color: Black/White

Type: Super sports bike

For the Vintage Lovers –

Yamaha RX-135/ RD 350 (135-350cc) – If you really want to get a taste of sheer power, just try an RD 350 – though you can’t get a brand new one, there are many used ones available in the range of 1L-1.75 lakhs.

Yamaha RX-135 is yet another superb classic bike, which you simply must have in your collection. Fortunately my brother has one, so I don’t need to buy another 🙂

As they say – aakhir Dil to Bachcha Hai Ji – I’d still look forward to a BMW K 1300R when I really have all these bikes in my garage, and at least a luxury SUV and Jaguar XF, since my wife is totally crazy about it!

With Porsche planning to open their maiden showroom in Bangalore City, I may soon fall in love with one of their convertibles too! (but just don’t have enough money to think about them for next 2-3 years – darn!)For now, I’ll end this post on a happy note, hoping that every biking lover would own at least one of these cool bikes over the next year or two!


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