My Goals for 2020 [Updated May 2020]


Howdy fellas, and as you might have noticed, I’m back to blogging mode in full swing since last week of December, and I’ve been aggressively building Bloggers World & since past one month or so, and now I’ve started building even a bunch of blogs that I’m updating on daily basis, and I had recently posted a screenshot of latest traffic of on FB, and I’ve been constantly trying to assist folks on WhatsApp group too.

And, this year you might have noticed that my focus had slightly shifted from blogging up until Dec 2019, because i was busy with other stuff, but as i restarted building blogs as a big client project, I soon felt the kick of affiliate & Adsense $$$, and started writing daily posts on, and bunch of other blogs.

Those of you who have been following me since 2009, probably know that i usually update by goals for next year before Jan 1st itself, but this time i’m posting it two weeks later (better late than never!)

2018 was a mixed year with many great things, and a few harsh lessons, and based upon those learnings 2019 was much better, and I’ve fixed my goals for 2020 as follows –

1. Give more time to my 5.5 years old kid

I’ve been travelling alone for business for past 18 months quite heavily, and i’ve decided to change that in 2020. I’ll be building an army of 100+ bloggers and startup founders whom i’d be supporting in each city, and I’d decrease my international travel this year, and focus more on India, but with family, no matter where i go!

With my cutie having crossed 3 year mark, it means 3 flight tickets everywhere we go, but as they say – you gotta’ pay the price for everything, and I’m more than willing to pay this sweet price, but with COVID-19 outbreak, travel is kinda’ ruled out completely so i’m gonna’ spend more time with him

2. Grow Bloggers World  Bloggers World University as the Ultimate Blogging Resources

Until about 36 months ago, I wasn’t as active on social media, and believe it or not, I didn’t even have an account on WhatsApp, but things changed quickly, and today I’m constantly managing a few WhatsApp groups, replying to queries of aspiring bloggers, and budding entrepreneurs. Traffic Target: 500,000+ by end of 2020

Our main Bloggers World WhatsApp group has maxed out to 256 already, and then we’re now growing one of the city groups, such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Pune/Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata/BBS, Gujarat, group to 100+ each month, to ultimately build a community of 1500+ bloggers connected via WhatsApp, and our FB Desi Bloggers World Community is already past 2k mark and growing by 30-50/day, and aim to cross 20k by end of 2020 – I don’t intend to build a chaotic group of 100-200k group that i cant manage, but rather action-takers.

3. Buy a Rover in 2021 [Yeah Updated as 2020 aint about buying cars]

I had plans to buy a BMW Z4, but i soon felt that despite having a Beetle, another cramped car with a 3 year old son, won’t make as much sense. And, after listening like a million times to Closer song by Chainsmokers, I certainly need a Rover in 2021 – either a Black or a White one!

4. No More New Co-founders or Joint Ventures – Time to Find & Fund a Venture

All my attempts in past to work with someone as co-founder(s) have eventually gone down the drain so i’ve decided that for 2020, i’m going to continue as single founder, and even with other startups, not try to play the role of a co-founder, and be just a mentor, digital strategist or investor.

Having said that, I’d probably recruit few more people in key roles, and grow Webfosys Group to newer heights, and our goal for next FY, Apr 2020 to March 2020 is $5M+. And, i’ll even publicly post records of revenues to win a small bet, and prove a point to someone!

But, I’m blessed to have 2 great cofounders, Anjaneya & Shyam in GlowWorms Ventures, our affiliate marketing, branding, and startup seed funding firm, and my Ecom Agency DOTS in form of the Hippie Marketer, Prateek Dwivedi.

Update: We ended up finding and funding GCP Awards a global initiative to identify and recognise child prodigies around the world

5. Transform the Lives of at least 200 Bloggers & 20 Startups!

Success is never so enjoyable if you taste it alone, so I’ve decided that in 2020 I want to make a difference in the lives of at least 20 startup founders, and help them achieve their goals for 2020 as well, and empower 200 aspiring bloggers under Bloggers World University initiative.

You can join Desi Bloggers World FB Group to start learning for FREE!

6. Build Our Next Million Dollar Shopify Store & Scale DOTS to 10k Orders/Day

It all started when Nick Peroni came to India for Delhi Mastermind, and then eventually I invited him to Bangalore hold his kickass mastermind in Bangalore for first-time and i surely took some inspirations and built a $1M Shopify store by end of 2018, but we had lot of leaks. Having learnt the lessons, we want to do it all over again correctly – that’s the goal!

DOTS was already processing 2000-3000 orders/day when COVID outbreak ruined our momentum but now we’re slowly coming back to track, and we’ll start scaling in June once we ensure that delivery % is holding fine.

7. Spend 10 Days Without Internet & Phone in Solace

Tired of this hectic life, i wish to spent 10 days without internet and phone – probably i’ll finish my novel, test some rest, and who knows, i might brain-storm on my next million dollar idea!

8. Launch my E-book & Paperback Edition

I’ve already written my e-book, and just need to give it finishing touches, get the cover designed, get a few endorsements, and then roll it out with a proper launch strategy.

I’m also co-authoring the Growth Hacking Book 2, with star-studded line-up of Speakers

Game-plan for Achieving the Goals

Breaking things down to simpler numbers, my global company sales target are $50k/week, and blogging earnings targets are $800/day, and in the New Year, it’s been so far so good – we’ve opened up with a $100k contract, and new blog network has been generating $1000+ a day, and I hope to keep the momentum going, and grow Bloggers World University aggressively in coming months.


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