My First Muscat Experience with Oman Airways

Muscat experience
Muscat experience

All you lovely bloggers, who have been following me on social media &, and over 100+, who’ve been an active part of, not to mention the daily readers who have been anxiously waiting for “keyword idea of the day” (I should probably start calling night instead of the day, because i’ve been regularly updating the site only around midnight!), I’m really thankful for all your support, and apologies for being unable to publish them yesterday, but I hope that the earlier keyword ideas for Dec 12, 13, 14 & 15 would have kept you busy for past 36 hours, and I’m soon going to start diversifying across all niches, so I decided to cover keyword idea for gadgets niche for Dec 16, as I had heard lot of people cribbing about the fact that gadgets niche is oversaturated, and what not, so i even started building along with a friend of mine!

Yesterday i had a really long day, since I had to fly to Kuwait this morning, and I returned home around 12 30 midnight, packed my bags, and had a quick sleep of around 3 hours, got up @ 5, and quickly rushed to the airport.

After a long time, i wasn’t late to the airport, and reached 2.5 hours before the departure of the flight (which is a miracle in itself!), and currently I’m publishing this post from Muscat Airport through public Wi-Fi.

It was a nice experience travelling through Oman Airways for the first time, and given the reasonable rates, it’s certainly going to be my first preference, whenever i don’t get direct Kuwait Airways flight. I had heard a lot of good and bad stuff about Oman such as the “burkha” issues, no alcohol, separate queue for men & women, but i found it to be rather cool.
The airport looked somewhat similar to Dubai airport with the same “Bumper Lucky Draw to win a Supercar & Superbike” contests (yeah that was a Maserati in the picture, and a Harley too!)

I enjoyed some scotch and a beer in my flight, as i had been churning out a few posts for,, and

And, guess what when you don’t have anybody bugging you with phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and Facebook pings, then you totally become 101% productive. Most of the times, i can’t even churn out more than one article at one go, while today i churned out 6 in just 3 hours, alongside enjoying some movies and booz. Life doesn’t get better than that – does it?
Update: The last blog post of the day i wrote just before the flight started its descent to Kuwait, and Oman Airways had been a pleasant experience, and now it’s time for me to land once again in Kuwait, and crack some $xx,xxx+ deals.

We started with just 999 KD project when we launched Shore Tech in June, and we could potentially be looking at a quarter million dollar project very soon, which sounds exciting to say the least – so fingers crossed, and keep reading!

BTW, I got quite frustrated finding a decent hotel under $100/night, and even affordable flights, not to mention the endless VISA processing issues I faced, so I started blogging about them on, covering all the info related to Kuwait travel and everything that Indians travelling to Kuwait for the first time need to know about.

And, if you’re planning to travel to kuwait then you should certainly read my post on finding low-cost flights to Kuwait.



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