Mitsubishi Cedia Review: The Best Sedan In Its Class in Indian Market!


New Mitsubishi Cedia Sport with 2.0L engine, turns out to be the lengthiest sedan in its segment @ 4595mm, and it comes loaded with all the desired features at a reasonable price. Here’s my story of 4 months of sedan-hunt, and reasons for choosing Mitsubishi Cedia over the rest.

I had been on a hunt for a classy sedan for quite some time, and it took me almost 3 months to zero-down and find my best bets.

My sedan hunt started with new VW Vento, but after taking a test drive I was utterly disappointed with its performance, acceleration, and almost everything, including the mediocre interiors.

So, I started checking out all the options in the segment, which included new Honda City, Fiat Linea, Hyundai Verna Transform, Ford Fiesta, and SX4.

Quite frankly, I don’t simply think Hyundai Verna Transform, Ford Fiesta, and SX4 are worth money just going by their looks, as I love classy wooden interior finish, and an appealing outlook.

Honda City – A Worthy Contender!

I liked the Honda City, but the top end trim was almost close to 11.5 lakhs on road, which wasn’t justifiable since I wasn’t getting wooden interiors, a long sedan, or anything special in it.

New Toyota Corolla Altis Rocks Too!

Next, I stepped up my budget a little and took a test drive of the new Toyota Corolla Altis – I must say I was pretty impressed with the performance, and the looks, but the fully loaded version went up to 16.5lakhs on road (ouch!), while the basic variant was around 12. 7 on-road in Bangalore City. But, it simply had nothing – nothing even the basic MP3, let alone wooden interiors and adjustable power seats, fog lamps etc.

I made up my mind to shell out little more money, and tried the Skoda Laura, Honda Civic, new Chevy Cruze, VW Jetta, and Hyundai Sonata Transform.

Update: Chevrolet Cruze didn’t have the cruise control at that time, and the new Ford Fiesta hadn’t come out by then either, and then my bro ended up picking this!

The All New Sonata Transform is All Worth It

Sonata Transform vowed me the most as it’s the lengthiest sedan in its segment with overall length of about 4800mm, and amazing interiors, a solid 2.4L engine, and awesome looks.

The fully loaded petrol variant with manual transmission was about 17.5lakhs on-road. So, I thought it won’t really harm to stretch a little further and weigh the other options.

New Honda Accord with Cruise Control System

And, I decided to try out my all time favorite Honda Accord – and boy it really blew me up, in terms of performance. But, the sad part of the story is that Honda has changed the looks, and made it look really horrible, more like what Hyundai did to the Verna Transform.

I hate the front look of new Accord, though cruise control system is a valuable addition, and a 2.4L engine with all the features, moon-roof, and amazing length of 4900+ mm is definitely worth 24lakhs. But, more than money, the front looks were my concern, and even the tail-light.

I did fair bit of research on buying a used 2007 Honda Accord, as I love the old elegant looks of the Accord. But, my wife was totally against buying a used car, since she can’t stand the fact that someone else even touched that very steering wheel, and sat of those seats before us!

I still love the 2007 Accord, but I had no choice but to give up my desire to buy the old Accord.

Update: I’d buy an old 2006-2007 Accord after a couple of yrs, and keep it as a vintage car for sure, because after 6months of buying Cedia, I’ve realized that I still miss Accord 🙁

Other High-End Sedans

Well, this is when it became really tricky for me, and I started exploring all possible bloody sedans in Indian automotive market, and I checked out Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry, and then finally the BMW 320d corporate edition.

And, guess what these high end sedans don’t have much in the basic edition – it was totally disappointed to hear that 320d Corporate Edition costs 30+ lakhs on road, but doesn’t even come with 6-CD changer, fog lamps, moon-roof, bi-xenon headlamps etc. And, the 320d highline costs 40.5lakhs (OUCH!)

New Toyota Camry costs 27.5lakhs on-road, while VW Passat is about 23-24lakhs, and the Skoda Superb was priced pretty much the same as well.

Mercedes Benz C Class starts at 36lakhs, and Audi A4 costs almost the same – these two were little too beyond my budget when I was doing this survey, so I decided not to test drive them.

Update: I was totally clueless as to which sedan was really worth my money – on a side note, I love SUVs too, and I also ended up buying the Ford Endeavor too, but again my wife wanted only a long sedan (yes long one, and SUVs don’t come under that category, even though they’ve the same length – alas!).

Finally, while researching new SUVs I ran across the new Mitsubishi Outlander, and simply fell for its stunning looks, but alas my wife wouldn’t let me buy it! That’s when I realized that Mitsubishi Cedia was also a good sedan, and when I compared it with other sedans in its segment I simply loved the fact that it was the longest one, pretty affordable, and the most powerful one too (though by default it’s tuned @ 115hp, against Civic’s 132hp, you can tune it up to 600hp, and even make it a monstrous sports car by installing turbo-chargers, nitrous oxide kits instead of shelling out 60+lakhs on a Nissan GT-R or new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X)

I’ve written a separate article comparing Mitsubishi Cedia vs Honda Civic vs Toyota Altis vs Fiat Linea T-Jet vs VW Jetta, showing how Cedia turns out to be the best option in its segment.

Salient Features of Mitsubishi Cedia Sports

• Kenwood Audio System with 4 speakers
• AC with automatic climate control,
• Power windows, 6-way adjustable driver seat,
• stylish fog lamps,
• Rear Spoiler,
• Sporty Steering wheel,
• Wooden Finish on Steering
• Cup-holders, and
• Air bags for front passengers.

We decided that instead of spending 18-25lakhs on a car, we’d put that money in a property, and planned not to take the Hyundai Sonata Transform, but rather picked Mitsubishi Cedia Sports, which is just 11.5 lakhs on road.

I’m planning to pick up the Mercedes Benz C200 or the new Audi A4 sedan next (which would be surely after min. 2yrs – otherwise my wife is going to murder me for spending so much on cars!)

Update: we ended up buying the Volvo s80 3.2 T6 after having a fight with Audi Bengaluru despite booking the A4, and then I bought the VW Beetle too.

We liked the Cedia in red as well as black color, but decided to go with the red color, as Audi A4 or Merc C200 would look good only in black, and it won’t make sense to have two black sedans!

I received my new Cedia on 30th March, 2011 and we enjoyed a cool 500km tour of Chikmagalur over the weekend.

Update as of May 2020 – I still love this beast after 9 years, and despite having bought a Volvo s80, a Beetle, Hyundai Creta, and my bro having bought Honda Civic, Altis, new Hyundai Elantra, everyone still loves it when we go on long highway drives, and rest of the times, I drive comfortable automatic cars in Bangalore city traffic!

The itching to buy a new car has again started, and I started this new blog on best car under 20 lakhs from all my car-hunting experiencing, and currently confused between a Tata Harrier, MG Hector, and Jeep Compass.


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