Are Mechanical Jobs irrelevant due to Robotics Technology Advancements?

Are Mechanical Jobs irrelevant due to Robotics Technology Advancements?Are Mechanical Jobs irrelevant due to Robotics Technology Advancements?

It has been an age-old continuous debate about Robotics Technology decreasing potential mechanical jobs for humans. While it may be true that with the advancements in the technology of robotics, there have been countless large corporations that have provided all their labor-intensive jobs to robots and machinery because machines are accurate and precise and human labor can make mistakes, but when one door closes, another one opens. Therefore it is not true that careers in mechanical are completely over because of technological advancements in robotics.


New Job Openings in Mechanical

Mechanical is a branch that is eternal and everlasting. The birth of engineering happened with mechanical and it has diversified into so many other branches. It is true that old mechanical jobs are now obsolete but there is still a dire need of people who are skilled in mechanical and this need is not going anywhere for a long time! Here are a few opportunities for Mechanical Job seekers:

  • Research and Development:

People say that the mechanical branch has no more areas to research now. But that isn’t true. There are always better ways to do something and a person who goes into a career in research and development is actually in charge of finding those new ways. A self-driving car isn’t all machine learning and coding. The machine has to be designed in such a way that it is able to learn from the coding and machine learning algorithms put into it. That is where mechanical research and development comes in.

  • Supervision:

Granted that hard labor jobs aren’t for humans anymore. Machines have been created to get those done. But who controls the machine exactly? It is human. A skilled mechanical person knows and can calculate the amount of energy and pressure and all the rest of the metrics that are needed by the robot to accurately and precisely get the job done. It is true that robots are completely dumb and that is why they need a human to supervise the multi-million dollar investment that is the robot.

  • Design:

If people are skilled in software like MATLAB and CATIA, then they have the option of going for designing in mechanical. This is a very prominent job opportunity as it has a huge requirement and very less skilled labor. If you get yourself skilled in any of the designing software, then this field is for you.

Mechanical Engineering has been around for generations and would be around for many generations to come. Therefore there is no scare of jobs thinning in this core engineering.


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