Making Money with Adsense Requires Patience!


I’ve heard countless bloggers complaining that making money with Adsense is a myth or few even come to me asking how to make money with Google Adsense in 1-2months, and I simply can’t help laughing… If it was really child’s play then why the heck wouldn’t everyone be a millionaire and driving expensive luxurious/sports cars or flaunting a Rado watch?

But, having said that, I don’t mean to say there aren’t any millionaires or even billionaires for that matter… I wouldn’t like to talk too much about myself, because I’m not quite a 7 figure blogger that should be brought to the limelight, but I do know several 6-7 figure bloggers that ACTUALLY make serious money online.

One thing that I’ve really learned over the years is that it requires great deal of PATIENCE to really make money online, and you’re NOT going to get rich quickly; short cuts to getting rich are nothing more than myths!

If you’re running a company, there could be times when you’ve to sustain in losses, but it all needs to be well planned like a PPC campaign! If you incur losses for 1-2 months and have a good game-plan that’d ensure that you get steady profits from 3rd month, it’s quite acceptable, but then I’m not talking about blindly working with the hope of succeeding one fine day!

It all just boils down to the four basic steps written in the image above – and the last part is the DEAL BREAKER – you got to experiment a lot with your ad formats, and keep trying until you start making good money with Google Adsense. And, oh yeah, by the way, kindly don’t pick topics to create blogs that you don’t even know a shit about!


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