Maintaining the Right SEO Keyword Density


If you’re a seasoned writer, you must be aware of the importance of SEO keyword density, and even as a beginner level blogger, folks have now realized the importance of targeting the right keywords, maintaining high keyword density, and similar stuff.

However, in this blind race of ranking high on search engines, people have totally forgotten the basics of SEO. They feel that there are better chances of getting clicks, as the number of articles they write on a daily basis, increases, and they can rank high on search results by maintaining high SEO keyword density, even at the cost of deteriorating the quality of their articles.

If you’ve any such misconceptions, be very clear about one thing – if you think you’re going to get a lot of traffic, clicks, and high conversion with content that is ideal for search engines, you’re proceeding in the reverse direction!

Doing such a thing will take your father away from your goal, as humans always appreciate quality over quantity, and if you try to increase the SEO keyword density at the cost of quality, you’re going to be the biggest loser!

Remember, people are always on a look out for valuable information, provided it is available free of cost. Now, if you can just take care of the first part, rest is going to be a cakewalk for sure.

Try to vow your readers, and faithful followers with quality information, and leave the rest to them, to take your blog/website to newer heights.

This simply means you may consider writing 10 articles targeting the same keyword phrase (difficult keyword phrases like Web Design Miami that can’t be used too many times naturally within your post) rather than writing 3 articles that have high keyword density, but look pretty SPAMMY.

The golden rule in the blogging arena is pretty simple and straightforward – don’t try to fool your readers, and give maximum importance to the readership. It is always good to have a lot of search engine traffic, but your faithful followers are going to contribute to a good portion of your online revenues (even if they don’t click on your ads, they may like to buy affiliate products that you’re promoting, due to the rapport you’ve built with them).

Hence, the bottom-line is “don’t fall for maintaining high SEO keyword density” – prefer quality over quantity, and do your level best not to make your post look SPAMMY at all costs!

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Om Thoke is one of the veteran bloggers in Indian blogosphere, and he's now a critically acclaimed digital marketer worldwide, who has been invited by reputed colleges like IIMV for guest lectures, as keynote speaker at Affiliate World Conference(AWA Bangkok 2019), and he has penned down over 15,000 articles himself over last 15 years, and he loves writing daily, alongside playing guitar, singing Karaoke, hanging out at the coolest pubs in Bangalore, and globe-trotting (of course, his hands are tied due to the COVID-19 outbreak)


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