Life of a CEO Can Suck at Times!


Well, it’s good to be called a CEO, but there’ no denial to the sheer fact that with real luxury comes some serious pain too – be it spending sleepless nights fixing bugs on web apps, or blunders committed by employees, or spending a long tiring day preparing Director’s Report, financial reports, and all those never ending things that are somehow needed to run a company (hell yeah, it’s all non-sense, but alas you need do to it!)

I somehow believe that I could have easily done tons of other projects in the amount of time I’ve spent on all this stuff, working as a CEO; when I was just a freelancer, I feel, I was far more productive, but then I’ve to admit the fact that I had just 24hours to get things done too!

As you run a company, you’ve got the man power to execute extensive projects that demand lot of efforts, which isn’t possible when you’re working alone… And, perhaps that’s what compelled me to open up an SEO company, despite the fact that I was well off, earning alone as a full time blogger cum SEO professional!

And, here I’m today, two and half years after starting Webfosys, working my ass through late hours of the night, yet somewhere I’ve a bigger dream of building it to a billion dollar company, and setting new standards – and that’s really what keeps me going – otherwise who the heck really loves to work day-and-night, throughout weekends, months after months, year-after-year, rather than just working like a free-bird alone!

But, then it’s my CEO status that has allowed me to live life king size, afford a Rado True Jubile, flaunt a Prada, Galaxy Tab, my lovely Cedia, whose sporty ride cools down my temper in flash, and everything that I have today!

Somewhere deep down inside, I do feel go about the fact that I’m able to provide employment to 20-30 individuals, and even help out freshers get jobs! Of course, all this sounds a little jerky, but then you wouldn’t be able to understand how life can suck when you really need to sacrifice your sleeps, and peace of mind, and even forget about what a weekend really means!


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