Is Link Building Still Relevant in 2020?


If you wish to rank your website on Google search in 2020, you simply cannot dismiss the significance of link building as well as the need to assemble a solid technique that will enable you to gain high-quality links. As a matter of fact, links continue to be one of the top three most crucial ranking factors.

That being said, whether you are a complete beginner in SEO and are understanding the ways to build links at the very onset or have considerable experience doing it but still want to look for new tricks that work, there are in reality several approaches you can adopt.

How Valuable Is This?

Both the data and the experts concede that links and link building are not only still relevant —but also crucial for everyone who wants to be successful online. They now happen to be more important than they ever were. And they are even harder to build now.

Gaining relevant and authoritative backlinks is included in Search Engine Journal’s catalog of top 7 ranking characters in 2019. The instances cited revolve sound enhancing value for a visitor. Links, just for the sake of it, won’t bring you any points.

In a SEMRush research, they inferred that total referring domains as well as total backlinks make up the fifth and sixth most crucial factors for ranking. For context, keywords included in the body of a site’s content come in thirteenth place in this research.

For our own customers, we’ve gained first position rankings with the help of link building and added conversions via link building!

Which Links Are Worthwhile?

What all the current studies concede about: quality links are increasingly significant than ever. The most effective link building services will utilize the following criteria to make sure that a link is worth it:

  1. A Reliable Source: In general, you need to avoid links from spammy or manipulative domains or domains that are penalized or violate Google’s terms of service in one or the other way.
  2. A Related Source: Is the content around the link somehow related to your business or the kinds of stuff you offer? In general, you need to be linked to really relevant sites, not simply anywhere.
  3. Quantity of Additional Links on the Site: In generalthe lesser the amount of links on a site linking to your site, the greater the value placed on your link. It’s nicer to be contained as the feature link of a page,for instance, than to be included as one of 50 links on a site.
  4. Sends Traffic. An ideal link not only moves ranking value from one site over to another but also brings relevant, targeted traffic on to your site.


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