Is Google Mocking the Panda Victims?


One of the interesting things off-late have been those emails from Adsense team to the Adsense publishers whose revenues have gone down radically after the Panda update; well, is it not very obvious that one can’t generate lot of Adsense revenues without traffic (which in turn depends on top rankings)?
google panda
And, they say that Adsense crawler is different from the Google Bot – so is Google giving a similar analogy in terms of the Adsense support team and the Google support/technical team?

Sure thing, a website must be authoritative enough, and contain relevant content to be able to rank well, but if you take a look at long list of points in Google’s check-list after Farmer’s update, it looks like only the big brands are going to survive in upcoming times.

In the last post, I had cited one of those amazing replies to Amit’s post on webmastercentral blog giving tips on how to survive Google Panda update.

The misery continues as the number of Google Panda victims grows steadily – nobody knows if there’ll be an end to it, and if so, how soon!


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