How to Make Money from a Blog and Run an SEO Company


It’s possible to generate millions of dollars from a blog through advertising revenues, and various other sources, but before you can think of monetizing it, here are some points worth a discussion.

You can start an SEO company solely based on revenues generated through blog maintenance, and website advertising revenues that you accrue over the time – you can read other posts on this blog describing various ways to make money online blogging, and through affiliate internet marketing. In this post, I’m going to talk about problems that I’ve faced while running an SEO company when the employees became unproductive, and forced me to think about downsizing and layoffs.

Rapport of a blog, and its traffic then becomes your “BREAD and BUTTER” when you’re relying on those revenues as your full-time income, and pay your employees. And, if you’ve got a team of good 20-30 bloggers cum SEO professionals, content writers, and social media marketers, managing them becomes tedious, as time passes along.

Running a Network of Blogs/Websites

If you’re maintaining a network of websites or blogs for clients, then you need to ensure that they’re happy with the quality of work; otherwise they may not want to continue their blog maintenance contracts.

What May Hamper the Progress of Your Company?

Whenever there’s an audit or manual review of a website, EVERYTHING COUNTS – not just the quality of content, but the WAY in which content gets published, usage of images, on-page SEO, and of course then the in-links pointing to that site. Now, in such a scenario, if the writer produces SUPERB QUALITY content, link building build LOT OF high quality back-links, but just the content uploader puts it CARELESSLY – everything goes for a toss!

Far worse, with the terror of Google Panda around the corner, you can’t afford to get your websites/blogs banned merely due to carelessness of your employees.

Take another case, if the writer produces articles on same day, and the editor works all night to proofread them so that they may get published at the earliest, but the content uploader keeps it pending for even 24 EXTRA hours, you LOSE that TRAFFIC! It’s just as BAD as skipping ONE Lunch & Dinner – and you know what happens when you don’t eat for a day!

Consistency is the Key

Each blog that you maintain, is like a property – even if you’ve got a 1 ACRE Commercial Building in middle of Prime Location, if NOBODY wants to rent/buy it, its value is absolutely ZERO! Clients pay for maintaining a website ONLY if you maintain high standards; if they just see ONE BLUNDER it’s enough for them NOT TO look back EVER AGAIN!

If you’ve got several popular blogs, you can make hell a lot of money from it, provided you maintain them month after month, and the moment you fail to do so, you lose it all; think about it this way – we have 500 houses, but if there are no TENANTS we get ZERO MONTHLY RENT!

If your blogs are inter-linked and you monetize them your ad networks like Tribal Fusion, or Value Click Media, then these are NOT 500 SEPARATE HOUSES but rather part of a BIG APARTMENT containing 500 flats! So, only big corporate clients, or advertising companies OCCUPY them – perhaps like 1st group taking 150 units, second 100 units, and third 250 units or something similar. So, IF even ONE of them VACATES the property being UNHAPPY with the services, the revenues SUFFER ALMOST by 30-40%.

Now, keyword research, content writing, link building, SMO, content uploading, image optimization, editing, and bookmarking – all are like different roles such as catering service, electricity and water supply, club-house, lift, power-back etc – even if ONE of them FAILS tenants get UTTERLY ANNOYED and they’re ready to vacate the premises, since there are TONS of BETTER PLACES to rent!

Kick Out Unproductive People!

There are several content writing and SEO companies that run on revenues based from blog maintenance, and advertising revenues. But, often you’d see several unproductive employees that harm the rapport of the firm as a whole.

And, those who DON’T do full justice to their job-role, don’t complete daily tasks, produce poor quality, or try to adopt any kind of short-cuts can be regarded as the SOLE REASON behind ALL PROBLEMS arising in the building.

I understand that it’s quite possible that there could be ONE FULL DAY BLACKOUT in the building due to a short circuit, and absence of electrician – but just tell me would you live in DARK for 24hours, just because a STUPID ELECTRICIAN was on leave?? Or would you live WITHOUT WATER SUPPLY for 2days, just because Motor is NOT working properly? or just because a plumber wasn’t available? Who the heck would want to live in such an IDIOTIC WORTHLESS apartment?? Such a place is AS WORTHLESS as my previous rented office, full of problems, in which we SOMEHOW SURVIVED for 6months – people MIGHT stay somehow for few months at such places when they’re in dire need, but in the end EVERYBODY would CURSE IT, and LEAVE IT AT ALL COSTS!

Don’t Get Sentimental!

You’d always find unproductive people who’ve got financial problems – but business doesn’t run of sentiments!

Just tell me – is it FAIR ENOUGH that everybody’s salary gets affected because ONE or FEW of the Employees in the organization CUT CORNERS or DON’T follow the instructions judiciously?

You can’t tell clients that our plumber had to go to meet his friend, or that electrician was on vacation, or just because the caterer wasn’t in a mood to work, he produced poor quality food – if you were a client, would you buy that? Would you pay even a single penny for burnt bread or a tasteless curry, no matter what the reason was?

Remember, you’ve GOT TO LEARN to keep our Clients happy EVERY SINGLE DAY – the moment you FAIL, you’re done for good – there’s very little margin for error!

Therefore, if you see that your tenants are thinking of VACATING our property, or they give us 3-months notice, just due to carelessness of ONE or FEW people in the organization, tell me what my choices are?

Can you keep quiet, and let EVERYBODY suffer? Should you wait for the day when ALL THE TENANTS vacate the entire building, and we’ve to put the To-Let board for several months, and just HOPELESSLY wait for new tenants to come? Until then nobody gets any salary – if that happens, tell me would even ONE EMPLOYEE work for a SINGLE DAY without getting paid?

Most certainly not – even if you’re dreaming that they’d stay for a SINGLE day, that’s not going to happen!

And, you can’t pay you what DOESN’T EXIST! If tenants pay rent, you get your salary – if there are no tenants, no rent, and no salary! And, everybody HATES POOR QUALITY, and those who just give excuses for it!

Focus on Quality!

Clients can show PLACES where you’re producing POOR QUALITY – COPIED CONTENT, Poorly Published articles, SPAMMY links, and ALL BLUNDERS are perfect examples of it!

Moreover, you need to keep the content fresh on daily basis; client would definitely show GRAVE CONCERN upon the fact that DAILY LUNCH and DINNER isn’t being supplied consistently (if you don’t publish new content and promote it daily)

If this continues, EVERYBODY would VACATE your building, and there’ll be no monthly rent, and nobody would get salaries!

Under such circumstances, you’d have no choice, but to terminate contract of an electrician who always does faulty wiring, just because he’s not careful enough to CHECK what he does! I’m least amused to know that he had a bad day, or had family problems due to which, he couldn’t concentrate – what really matters is the end result, which was – a tenant GOT an ELECTRIC SHOCK, and is now VACATING our premises.

Something similar applies to cases when a cook is missing for SEVERAL WEEKS – see we need to produce the DESIRED QUANTITY of food everyday – if you simply disappear like that, what do you expect me to do? Obviously I need to hire a replacement, and when you suddenly come back, and tell me that you’d want to RESUME, do you expect me to kick-off the new cook who has been working judiciously? And, of course, we DON’T want to cook EXTRA FOOD that’s not required! It’s like giving away free food that people aren’t paying for – and in such a scenario i can’t pay you from my pockets.

The point ISN’T that you can get NEW TENANTS – the point is that today if i don’t fire such an electrician, he/she can put the SAFETY of entire building @ stake – and it hardly matters whether or not he/she understands the impact of his/her actions. And, quite obviously it would happen AGAIN in future, and the end result would definitely be something like our old office – a PRIME PROPERTY that NOBODY WANTS to RENT!

So, you need to HIRE NEW CATERERS, Electricians, plumbers, and office managers, and RETAIN ONLY THOSE who’ve been working as expected, and kept the clients happy – it’s as simple as that!

Remember, even the best chef can put MORE SALT in a curry – but that’s alright!

However, when a careless cook adds salt to TEA/COFFEE, or SUGAR to Pickle, serves cold food, or far worse doesn’t even deliver it SAME DAY, it’s time to say good-bye to such cooks, and hire new ones!

To be able to make money from a blog, and run an SEO company successfully, you must make your clients feel special, and completely satisfied – you need to EXCEED their expectations – there’s no question of FAILING to meet the minimum expectations!


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