Keyword Ideas for Bloggers Working in Health Niche


Today, I’m going to post some tutorials in Bloggers World & Bloggers.Desi, and share a few health-related keyword ideas here, but before we move on to the keyword idea, i wanted to clear out a few confusions, as I’ve been reading through many FB groups, and interesting discussions happening about keywords like “cards against humanity buy” with just 2000 DQR, but people arguing that they can’t be ranked within a week or two.

On the other hand, i’m seeing people targeting low competition keywords with zero CPC, a few targeting low search vol with high CPC, and a few even targeting keywords with high volumes, but zero CPC.

Now i’d like to clarify one thing here, there’s no issue if the CPC is even as low as $0.5 but ZERO can be dangerous, because no advertisers are bidding on that keyword, and it means that your fill rate in Adsense could be terribly low.

Keeping that in mind, and after listening to the fact that health niche is overly saturated, i decided to spend a few minutes to find some a keyword set related to health niche.

how long does it take to lose 40 pounds – $6.59 – 1300/mo – 7730 DQR – medium comp

how to lose 40 pounds in 12 months – $0.45 – 40 searches – 0 DQR

So, you should ideally target the second one, get your post ranked in a week or two, and then target the former one, and get it ranked over next one month or two [you’d need a few powerful backlinks, as it’s not a low DQR keyword that can be ranked totally on content strength alone, unless you can put out a really powerful 4000w+ guide, which can surpass all other existing guides over there on the internet.

It can be good starting point for MFA blogs, and even for affiliate marketing to promote hot ClickBank products in weight loss niche!

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