How to Increase Google Pagerank Quickly: Learn SEO the Easier Way


Well, as they say there’s no short-cut to SEO, but I say there are certainly several “easier” ways to learn search engine optimization and increase your Google pagerank; if you struggle relentlessly, just hoping for things to work in your favor in SEO field, then you’re never going to be happy with the results.

The first and the foremost problem in forming a link building strategy, is lack of sources of building enough in-links, so why not create some? And, it all starts with a Pr0, doesn’t it? So, I just thought let me tell all of you, how you can quickly get a Pr0 for a newly created web page (I’m not talking about the home-page of a new website/blog here, but rather a new blog post, or newly created web page on an existing website), and increase it to Pagerank 1 or higher, without too much of efforts.

Promote it Heavily

You’ve been unknowingly promote hell a lot of stuff, but don’t really get anything in turn; for instance, you share a word or two about the latest movie you see, but does the director give you anything in return; not really! So, learn SEO, and different ways to promote your blog, and make money online blogging rather than helping others make a fortune!

Share on FB & Twitter – Yes, don’t you post what you ate last night in the restaurant on your FB account, or brag about anything that you buy? Then why not promote your content too? If you’re an avid FB user, the chances are high that your FB profile link might have gotten a Pr1+ already, so whenever you share a new blog post on FB profile, it gets a good Pr1+ in-link immediately, which is a great thing in itself.

Tweet your latest blog post, and retweet others links to develop a good relationship, and get more link-juice too.

Social Bookmarking: Bookmark it on top social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and the likes of them.

Drop a Quick Comment: It just takes couple of minutes to drop a blog comment on another fellow blog, and get some link-juice, so do it right after publishing a new blog post.

The Concept Behind a Pr0

Theoretically, a Google Pr0 is indication of penalty of lack of sufficient link juice, and as we know pagerank is a decimal value. There’s no certain explanation regarding the value of a Pr0, as opposed to Pr1, which ranges from 0.56 – 1.44 in my opinion (rounded to nearest integer value; 1.56 is rounded to 1.6 which gets rounded to 2 in the Google toolbar), but according to my experience, anything above 0.11 is given a Pr0, so all you need to get is 0.1 of PR juice to get a Pr0.

Create Web 2.0 Blogs – Create lot of web 2.0 blogs on,,,, and tons of other web 2.0 sites, and do the same, as described above; this will fetch you tons of Pr0 links to play with.

Turning Pr0 to Pr1, and Pr1 to Pr2

Now, you’ll need to inter-connect all of them, in such a way that you can generate a few Pr1 pages.

So, connect 101 Pr0 pages to a good Pr0 page, and you’ll see it’s page-rank rising to Pr1. Once you generate such Pr1 pages, link them to another Pr1 page, and you’ll have a Pr2 page.

NOTE: This theory doesn’t apply to the homepage, due to high number of outbound links (each new blog post, category navigation links, everything are counted as out-bound links, and they result in PR bleeding!)


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