How Much Does Adsense Pay Anyway?


I’ve heard this from almost millions of bloggers – how much does adsense pay? And, I simply chuckle, not because I don’t know the answer, but rather they’d not buy my words!

Basically, before I answer this question, I’ve a small question for you – what would you do if I say $100? Would you stop worrying about making money on the internet with Google Adsense?

And, what if I said $1,000 – would that compel you do try harder, and succeed? What if I said $10,000 or $100,000/month?

Well, the reality is that it all depends upon how many sites you’re running, how much traffic they receive, and for what keywords those blogs/sites are optimized, and what the avg CPC of those top ranking keywords really is!

So, basically instead of asking “how much does adsense pay” you should ask yourself – “how much money do I want to make with Google Adsense?” – and then work out some figures.
If you want to earn just $1,000/month then you must optimize 100 KWs for Page1 rankings that fetch you avg $10/month.

Remember, you can also optimize 10 KWs that fetch $100/month, but doing so is relatively dangerous because the moment you lose 1 ranking, you’d lose $100, whereas in the former case, you’d lose only $10 if you lost 1 of the 100 rankings!

I’d received my first $100 Adsense pay check about 2 years back, and I currently make far more than $1000/month, but wouldn’t like to disclose if I’m past that $10k mark. But, the encouraging prospect is that I PERSONALLY know few of them who make $100,000/month ONLY with Adsense – and I’m not kidding!

Earning with Adsense is all about playing smart, and it’s quite easy to learn how to make money with Google Adsense so long as you know search engine optimization, and understand how to pick the right keywords!

So, I hope you’d never ask this again – how much does Adsense pay, and rather tell how much you really make and how much you plan to earn with Adsense! I hope to turn into a six figure blogger by end of this year, and hope that if you’ve followed by SEO tips for 2011, you’d have also started making decent money on the internet by now.


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