How Can Social Listening Help with Your SEO Campaign?

Social Listening

Every digital marketer would like to know what other people think about their brands. Most of them use various marketing tools for this purpose. But just to learn about competition, using marketing tools and your brand can help you increase your SEO performance. You need to know that SEO is anessential part of your marketing strategy. Now back to marketing strategies, ‘Social Listening’ is famous nowadays and is being used by many marketers. Yet consumers aren’t always aware of how it helps in SEO.

What Is Social Listening?

The act of scouring the internet for chatter about your brand is social listening. You’ll find some comments on social media sites because there’ll be people talking to you.Using this marketing technique, marketers get to learn the customer’s feedback, concerns and queries.

Now let’s move on and see how social listening can help with your SEO campaign.

  • Helps You Find New Links to Your Website

Social listening helps you find new links anywhere on the internet. If you want to discover new links, enter the URL of your site into a website/web page area that you can quickly find in most monitoring tools for social media.

  • Builds the Reputation of the Brand

Social listening is a good marketing strategy that helps you spot any spamming activity or problem before it is viral or huge enough to attract substantial search results.

  • Track Unlinked Brand References and Turn Them into Links

When your brand has been around for a while, or at any point your name, company, or brand has gained some success, it’s almost likely your name is listed on the internet on blogs, forums, news pages or even somewhere on the web. Not all of them will link back to your site: writers don’t want to help anyone else but themselves; they don’t have the SEO objectives in mind, and the thought of linking may have never yet crossed their minds.

  • Find Opportunities for Guest Blogging

Every SEO expert will advise you that guest blogging is an excellent technique to create links. This won’t bring you a quick lift to the rankings, but it is a strong, tried and tested way of enhancing the credibility of your site. Social listening enables more guest-blogging opportunities. To find related blogs, type in the keywords discussing your business and wait until the tool is found

  • Learn from Your Competitors

All of the above tips can be used to track the competitors and figure out where they get links, where they get guest posts, what influencers they deal with, and so on. You should use all the knowledge in your marketing and SEO strategy.

Social listening is full of opportunities. It’s just new, not even totally explored yet the technology that is gradually changing the way we do digital marketing. Start to use this for SEO and you might see improvements you’ve never thought of seeing.


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