Handy Link Building SEO Tips


Moving forward in our SEO tutorial series, I have decided to make a slight change. This post is not going to be one of the top ten SEO tips.

There’s a strong connection between link building and seo; so in this article, I will be focusing more on link building SEO tips in this particular post.

Internal vs External Link Building

People have a wrong perception that link building is all about building links from external sources. If you study the Google Pagerank algorithm in detail, you’ll figure out that it is easy to get a high pagerank if the number of pages on your website/blog is lesser (preferably less than 10).

However, if you’ve got a huge blog containing hundreds of web pages, then internal linking becomes extremely crucial. Unless you learn to efficiently inter-link your blog pages, you won’t be able to improve your SERP rankings.

However, when you link a blog post to another blog post, it is necessary that there should be high relevance between the two pages that you’re linking. But, another good aspect is that Google isn’t going to penalize you for linking two web pages that don’t have a strong connection, though you may not get any benefit of doing so.

Handling External Link Building Campaign

On the other hand, if you get several links from external sources that aren’t relevant to your niche, then it could raise a bar of suspicion, and result in some serious trouble.

Lastly, it’s worth understanding that a particular page on your blog with high page rank, and amazing SERP rankings can help in passing PR juice to other pages. Consequently, the SERP rankings of the other pages to which you link, may increase gradually.

Hence, your link building SEO campaign must heavily be focused on internal link building, though you’d definitely need lot of links from external sources to your blog to help in improving SEO of your blog. We’ll discuss more about external link building strategies in the next post; till then stay connected, and make sure that you read the other posts in this series of SEO tutorials.


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