Google Pagerank Updated; Panda 2.2 Rolled Out


Just 4 days after Google rolled out Panda 2.2, they’ve also updated the pageranks of all the websites in their index… So, it’s some really great news for the webmasters who haven’t been hit by Panda, and their websites have not just been climbing high in SERP rankings, but they’ve most likely received a higher pagerank today as well.

Even I’m pretty happy because most of my blogs have got a jump of a PR1 or more – take for example this blog focusing on making money online blogging, which I just started few months back, and now it’s at Pr3 after today’s Google update.

Most of my tech blogs, car blogs, and entertainment blogs have got a boost of at least PR1, and I’m pretty happy about it.

However, a boost in PR isn’t the only thing to be happy about… I am suspecting that this PR update is a part of Panda 2.2, so the sites that have received PR boost are most likely NOT going to be hit by Panda 2.2.

Of course, since I use only ethical SEO tactics, and make use of 100% white SEO, I was least bothered about any mishaps, but then anything is possible when Google really rolls out an update – and I’m extremely happy to see that nothing has gone wrong at least with my blogs!

What changes are coming out in Panda 2.2, and if the Google’s +1 button has had any impact in this Pagerank update or Panda 2.2 still remains a mystery – according to me, even if it did, then the % of impact was hardly 5% at the most!


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