Google Introduces Android Device Manager to Help in Tracking Your Lost Phone


Google has just announced that it will be launching a new website, Android Device Manager, later this month to help users track their lost gadgets like tablets or phones. An installable app will also be rolled out along with this website. This service will be made available for all devices that work on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above.
google Android Device Manager
As of now, there aren’t too many details about this device manager. According to a statement from Google, few of the features that can be expected are the capability to let your phone ring at its utmost volume so that tracking becomes easier even if you have saved a silent profile setting.

Google has also disclosed that users will have to be logged into their Google account in order to utilize this service. It also ensures that your phone can be tracked on a map in real time even when it is out of the audible range.

If everything fails, the new Google Android Device Manager will ensure that the data of the user does not fall into the wrong hands by providing an option to delete all data securely from the device.


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