Five First SEO Steps to Take After Launching a New Website

seo tips for new website

Have you just set up your new website, say for your logistics business in India, and soon want to establish your business among the top 5 courier companies in India? Whatever business it is or even if it is your personal website, there are a few things to do after launching your new website.

Congratulations on starting your new website! Although it’s a great feeling to watch your dream come to life on the internet, this is the mere beginning of a long journey ahead of you. You may have some brilliant ideas, but they don’t hold valid if not seen online. So, to run a successful website, you must follow a range of SEO tips as soon as you’ve launched it. The sooner you make it to Google’s list, the less effort you will have to put to make your web page more popular later. We don’t mean to intimidate you, but every hour counts in SEO and you wouldn’t want to waste any! Here are some tips to reinforce your website and make it to the top of Google ranks.

Great, Google-Friendly Content 

For both new and older websites, the content will forever be your best friend – it’s one of the best ways to gain a good rank. So, before trying out SEO, make sure you have engaging content in hand. Data shows that content worth 2000+ words has a higher chance of featuring on top in Google search, than shorter, more concise ones. Although writing so much can be painstaking, it will have a positive effect on your web page.

Structuring Website

You must pay close to detail to structuring your website by picking relevant keywords. For instance, if you have a page dedicated to a variety of men’s’ shoes, make sure to use keywords like slippers, leather shoes, tennis shoes, boots, etc. to suit each customer’s preference and increase relevance. Structuring your website well gives it a theme as well.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tracking software that tells you how people are using your website and how they find it. It’s a great tool as it provides all the information, thus allowing you to optimise keywords in the future as well. Installing it is very simple – visit and sign up using your Google account.

Meta Descriptions 

If you’ve noticed a short snippet of information that appears below your website’s title and URL, that is known as Meta description. Although they don’t influence your ranking, it determines to click-through rate. So, it is a must to give an engaging one made of keywords. You can come up with great meta descriptions with the help of plugins like Yoast SEO and SEO ultimate.

Reach Out!

If you’ve got great content, meta descriptions and Google Analytics set up, you’re done with the on-page work of search engine optimization. Next comes a crucial step to upping your game – building links. Reach out to your persona network comprising of friends, family, colleagues, etc. and ask them to promote your page. Although a slow and gradual process, this can create an incredible impact on your journey.

If you’ve followed the above steps, consider yourself well prepared for your new venture. However, don’t forget to revisit SEO metrics and stay on track. Best wishes!


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