Facebook Hopes that Users Will Trade Texting for Messenger


Facebook hopes that cellphone users will forget text messaging and move over to its latest Messenger service.

Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging service of kinds for FB users till now, has changed. With an updated application for Android, the users can create a Messenger account using their name and contact number. They can register and begin messaging to any of the contacts on their mobile phone without the need to join FB.

FB revealed that users can install this app and just hit on ‘Get Started’ option to reach their contact quicker, share photos, begin group conversations, and do much more.

ZK Research’s analyst, Zeus Kerravala told that FB is moving after the market for text messaging and is likely to have a great shot at getting a huge bite out of it. Further, he added that it was all about mindshare for the social networking site. He feels that once a person starts using this service for messaging, there are chances that he may join FB. Attracting more people to the site will generate more revenue for the company- more users are equal to more ads.

Kerravala stated that the texting plans were costly and FB would get a chance to tempt SMS texters away from the normal texting for Messenger. There are high chances that this could affect the mobile phone companies, which generate more revenue on text messages.

The updated application is being initially introduced to Android users in India, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, and Venezuela. It will be available in other countries shortly afterwards. However, there is not specific info on the dates when it will be offered in other countries.

Kerravala was surprised that this app was not offered in the United States first. He added that they could be testing it with a more controllable smaller audience-base initially to stay on the safer side.


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