Driving Digital Transformation : Reshape the Future of Your Business : Book Review


    The impact of digital transformation on businesses has never been so succinctly explained.

    Raktim Singh, the author of this book,has packed it with appropriate examples and case studies to illustrate everything associated with digital transformation – right from the challenges that businesses face in the course of transformation to the various pillars of this digital revolution. It gives a comprehensive view of the digital transformation process for businesses.

    Driving Digital Transformation: Reshape the Future of Your Business – maps out clear strategies for businesses to undergo this transformation without much hassles. It gives a unique perspective on the vague buzzword – ‘Digital Transformation’.

    This makes it a must-read for every entrepreneur irrespective of whether his business was established in the pre-internet era or his business has just started with the goal of being a disruptor in the industry.

    This book explains why both ‘Outside In’ & ‘Inside Out’ approach is necessary for digital transformation. Technology is an enabler only. You need to change the cultural mindset of your team before embarking upon digital transformation.

    Based on his vast experience, Raktim has clearly chalked out WISE problems, which one need to solve before embarking upon this journey.These are: WISE (W – know your WHY, I –   Integration with the ecosystem, S –   Silos in the organization, E –   Environment & Cultural aspect).

    Following this, Raktim has provided ACID formula to apply 4 major pillars of technology. These are: ACID (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Internet of Things, Data). This gives businesses a clear picture of the areas where they need to transform in order to succeed in the digital world. Raktim reveals how businesses can harness these pillars of digital transformation and integrate them practically.

    Every topic has been clearly referenced, which is very handy. There are various case studies of companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Netflix (FAAAN), each of which is terrific. This is where the genuine value of the book lies.

    Various examples from the industry have been provided, which help readers to understand:

    1. What is Digital Experience & what is Digital Transformation?
    2. Why various companies failed in this journey? They should have solved WISE problem before embarking upon this journey.
    3. How to apply ACID formula in your context? Don’t run behind every shiny object. This will drain your energy and no meaningful outcome will be achieved. Raktim has done a brilliant job, in explaining this. For example, when you should not use CLOUD or when you should not use Blockchain.
    4. During this transformation, it is very important to keep an eye on Digital Anthropology. Technology has altered many of our age-old deep-rooted beliefs ‘related to hard work” in our sub-conscious mind. The concepts of ‘Agile Mindset’ and “Learning Organization” are explained. Also, how willthishelp you in your digital transformation journey?
    5. This book also explainswhy digital anthropology is key for understanding the next evolution of human race &executing successful digital transformation.
    6. Finally, as anadded benefit, Raktim has shared some of his best posts, which had trended on LinkedIn.
    7. Also, he has added a chapter, where he has answered frequently asked questions related to digital transformation.

    In a nutshell, Driving Digital Transformation: Reshape the Future of Your Business by Raktim Singh brings great value to the table by helping several businesses wade through digital transformation with ease. It is a crucial guide for business owners looking forward to taking their companies to the next phase of profitable growth and hence a great book to add to their collection.


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