Don’t Compete with Others – Compete with Yourself!


It’s been a while, I hadn’t been blogging on & feels good to be back with a bang, so first things first!

What the heck had i been doing? Well, building the foundation for Bloggers World, doing private runs, stopped FB ads for a while, building the blockchain, planning for NFT drop & boom! I’m now recording videos series & my studio is set, and I had a fun time speaking at GeekOut Dubai & then regrouping with all affiliate industry friends at AWA Dubai 2022, which attracted 6000+ folks

Now, the learning is that it’s good to take a break from social media – you don’t need to show others that you’re progressing, but if you don’t progress in 365 days, you should be scared!

If you progress 1% per week, you can grow by 50% and that’s quite doable!

If you grow by 1% per month, you still grow by 12%

If you aren’t even growing 1% per month, take a step back & see where you’re going wrong & what can you do to improve!

Since Amit Mishra has come & helping me with my video series, I want ideas/suggestions on what I should be shooting

a. A 100 days challenge to start a new site, build traffic & generate first $100 from it & scale?

b. Crypto series covering from basics like creating metamask to opening accounts on Indian & international exchanges to picking coins to NFTs

c. Starting a new business with $3000 & scaling it to $100k in 6 months

d. Only blogging specific content for Bloggers World

e. Others – pls specify/suggest

P.S. – we’ve stopped ecom, so I won’t be doing any ecom related content anymore – my main focus is now bloggers world, crypto, agency/branding & Startup/crypto private sale investments

I’m also contemplating on starting a Crypto Angel Fund, as i see none in India as of now!

I can do the following as an example, to start with $3000 & scale to $100k in next 6-9 months in 2022

1. Starting a YouTube channel + insta + fb page

2. Creating lots of content – then approaching brands for paid gigs

3. Running fb ads

4. Looking at content arbitrage – fb to adsense or similar stuff

5. Freelancing/consulting

6. Launching your own coaching program once you’ve made your mark & started generating even $10k/mo

7. Investing into crypto private sales smartly, and getting 3-30x profits (turning 3k to 9k and eventually 100k+)

8. Investing into NFTs & flipping them for profits

9. Flipping blogs/websites on EmpireFlippers

10. Launching your P2E game/Nft collection for 7 figures

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Om Thoke is one of the veteran bloggers in Indian blogosphere, and he's now a critically acclaimed digital marketer worldwide, who has been invited by reputed colleges like IIMV for guest lectures, as keynote speaker at Affiliate World Conference(AWA Bangkok 2019), and he has penned down over 15,000 articles himself over last 15 years, and he loves writing daily, alongside playing guitar, singing Karaoke, hanging out at the coolest pubs in Bangalore, and globe-trotting (of course, his hands are tied due to the COVID-19 outbreak)


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