Does Copying Content or Targeting a Competitor Help You Earn Money Online?


Copied content, be it directly plagiarized from a single source, or lifted from multiple sources, never tends to rank well in the longer run.

Don’t be Too Happy About Initial Rankings & Earnings!

Post the latest Google Panda update, ranking on first page of Google is becoming increasingly difficult, but on the other hand, new websites are enjoying a short honeymoon period, being able to randomly rank on first few pages of search results, before being filtered out into the sandbox.

So, actually if a new blog of yours, is actually ranking high in SERP, then don’t be too happy about it quite yet – you’re yet to taste a lot of bad stuff – the Google Sandbox effect, loss of traffic, and being unable to get newer pages after entering the sandbox.

You should be happy only if the rankings stick for more than a month’s time!

Blackhat SEO Can Help Initially, But Not for Too Long

Of course, you may avoid the sandbox effect for a little longer with the help of blackhat SEO, but in this case, your website may be totally doomed once your shoddy tactics are detected by Google.

Copyright Issues Can Get Your Hosting & Domain Suspended

Moreover, if you’ve been blatantly copying content from other websites, then you could soon be asking for big trouble – the actual copyright owner may pretty soon report your domain to your registrar, and your hosting account could be easily suspended, especially if it’s hosted with GoDaddy or any renowned registrar as they take the DMCA complaints very seriously, and act right away.

You’ll Terribly Fail in Longer Run

You should also be worried about the long term perspective, because your website isn’t going to make it big over the next few months, and if the site is banned in Google, then your Google Adsense account may also be in danger, if you run your Adsense ads on such websites.

In short, you may be able to rank for a short span of time by copying content, and rewriting web pages of your competitors, but the future of website would certainly be dark!

A Personal Note

Actually the point of this post is to educate all the newbies in the blogosphere, but another reason is that this post may serve as an eye-opener for one of my employees, whom I fired out of the company last month for not working as expected. But, later on, I discovered that he is trying to copy contents from my website, and trying to rank for keywords that we target.

Actually, I found it rather amusing than frustrating, because I’m least bit worried about his sites outsmarting mine, due to poor quality of content, and the way he thinks SEO works.

It’s indeed funny that he doesn’t even realize that finding sponsors for a site isn’t a cake-walk, and only Google Adsense isn’t going to fetch more than pennies for the first 6 months… And, little does he understand that getting the first Adsense paycheck takes a lot longer than 30-60 days, and making a living out of Google Adsense isn’t practically possible during the first year.

I was actually trying to support his family by giving him employment, and paid him more than I should have, for the last 18 months, just looking at his financial condition, and it turned out that he made a rather foolish move, without thinking about consequences. Actually, I had even plans of helping him in optimizing his blogs, but when I discovered that he’s unnecessarily trying to replicate my blogs, and he has booked similar domain names too, I realized that this guy will never learn the concept of “hard work”, and only look for short-cuts in life, and fail time-and-again!

As a matter of fact, my wife was extremely worried about his family, when I decided to terminate him from my company, and even told me to teach him to do something on the side, and offer him some part time job too, and now she’s rather shocked to see his acts, though not me – for it doesn’t really bother me – there are already thousands of good websites competing with us, so just 1 more cheap clone won’t really make any difference.

And, yeah he’s yet to taste the pain of malware and virus attacks, and the cost of web hosting when the size of site grows – basically, it’s as lame as a 10th std kid trying to grab the position of a Senior Project Manager, by creating a cheap replica of his offer letter, and trying to game the company!

Anyway, I don’t really need to get down to his level of cheapness to take down any of his sites, because Google will directly teach him the well-deserved lesson, and I don’t think it’s worth wasting my time, and efforts, but a note of all my dear readers is that if you really want to make money on the Internet, try to build ORIGINAL, informative websites, and resort to organic SEO tactics to gain long lasting SERP rankings.

Even if you somehow earn $15-20/day for 1-2 weeks, your Adsense account won’t be active for too long, nor will be your websites, if you try to create cheap replicas of other sites, as it’s also against Adsense TOS to copy content or use blackhat SEO tactics, and such sites become history within a month or two!


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