Guide to Creating Unique Twitter Names: How Not to Choose Boring Twitter Handles


Forget about the boring age-old style of keeping your Twitter handle as – Iam<> or cool_John, Cool_Dude etc; here are 4 cool ideas for creating unique Twitter names.

1. Don’t try to be Cool!

Haven’t we seen enough of those Twitter handles with the term “cool” in ‘em? So, give it a break, and go beyond the obvious. Try to create a handle that sounds cool, but doesn’t really contain the word “cool” quite literally. How about JamieFunkd or YepItsJamie if your name is Jamie?

2. Stop Looking at Others Twitter Handles

Just before creating a Twitter handle, if you take a look at someone else’s handle, the chances are high that you’ll get influenced, and end up choosing a handle similar to it. For instance, if your name is Jack, and you see a few Twitter handles like ItsMeAaron, PeterSays, KevinBlogs, SayHelloToDavid, ImJohn, then you’d eventually end up choosing something like JackSays or IamJack.

3. Come Out of the 123

Does your Twitter handle read something like JoeEnns123? Oh c’mon, are we in 3rd grade? Give it a break to the 123, and stop creating such kiddish handles. Don’t add your month and year of birth to your Twitter handle either; you may try to include your lucky number though.

So, go ahead and create some interesting and unique Twitter names, and put an end to those good old boring ways of choosing Twitter handles.


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