4 Things You Need to Know About Creating Micro Niche Blogs in 2020

micro niche blogs
Starting Your Niche Blogging Journey in 2020

It’s still possible to create profitable micro niche blogs in 2020, and make money online through blogging. There are plenty of different methodologies of monetising a blog, starting from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, selling your own merchandise/ebook/products down to selling sponsored reviews/guest posts.

The most common misconception is that you need to slog your ass all day all night to make money, but truth be told, it’s far from reality. Well, I’m NOT talking about those fancy 5-10 hours work weeks, which INDEED are false claims by fake gurus.

However, once you create a name for yourself as an influencer in a specific industry, and then making a lakh or two per month, working for 5-6 hours a day, is quite realistic.

However, there are certain things that you need to know about micro niche blogs, and niche blogging, which not everyone in the industry, would talk about.

The Golden Era of ‘Made for Adsense’ Micro Niche Blogs is Over

There was a time when you could literally spam the shit of the Internet and make $100/day from Google Adsense through crappy 5-page Made for Adsense blogs, but that boat has sailed. However, I’m NOT saying that it’s impossible to make money with Google Adsense in 2020, but what I’m saying is that it ain’t that easy anymore.

It’s NOT About Affiliate vs Adsense Blog – It’s About the Type

When you get started, you won’t easily get approved by affiliate networks, so Adsense could be the most easy entry point for a beginner blogger. However, in due course of time, you’ll make far more money with Affiliate campaigns, and sponsored reviews than Adsense.

So, it’s NOT about affiliate vs Adsense, it’s about the kinda’ blog you build, and the monetisation methods you use.

It takes At least 6-12 months to Build Powerful Micro Niche Blogs

Everyone wants results FAST and NOW, but sadly that doesn’t really happen outside your dreamland. Welcome to the real world, and you’ll have to invest 6-12 months on your blog, before you start seeing some significant growth.
To get started with your blogging journey, Bloggers World University can help you with a 100 days roadmap, and earn your first $100. It took me 11 months to make my first $108, so I’m not gonna bullshit and paint a rosy picture that you can do $100/day in 1 year, but it’s POSSIBLE in 2.5 – 4 years.

It’ll Not Always be Growth Trajectory

Everyone gives you the gyaan of becoming successful, making your next million dollars, but nobody talks about failures, and dealing with them.

Remember that your journey would be incomplete without failures, and you’ll need a lot of guts to deal with them, bounce back, and keep going, like i did in 2011, 2016, and 2020, and I’m not afraid of starting all over from ZERO!

The Bottom-Line

If I could build 13,000 micro blogs over the last 15 years, you can certainly build 10 blogs over next 5 months, and start making $10-20/day, and get started with micro niche blogs, if you lay a strong foundation.


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