Caterham All Set to Rock the Asian Luxury Car Markets


Caterham is all set to give a rusty time to the likes of Audi, BMW, and other luxury marquees that have been enjoying unperturbed supremacy in the Asian automotive markets, especially the Indian market, which has been the second largest booming automotive market next to the US.
Caterham cars India
The classic Caterham R500 will soon be seen on Indian roads, but the exciting news is that company is planning to launch their entry level convertible/coupe at an extremely competitive price of just 25,00,000 INR. And, without a second thought, it’d be far cheaper than the likes of BMW Z4, and Audi TT, and appeal to a wider range of automotive enthusiasts.

Basically, there are no roadsters sold in Indian markets around that price range, and this would prove to be a huge advantage for Caterham. What’s more, the company has a very modest target of selling 25-30 units in the first year, which looks very achievable.

But, at the same time, it also makes me wonder as to how many people would really want to shell out 26 lakhs on a roadster that’s not meant for daily driving, and one that doesn’t give you the luxurious feel that a BMW, Mercedes or Audi car offers!

A similar question was posed when BMW Motorrad, and Ducati brought expensive superbikes to Indian markets, and pretty soon Harley Davidson, Hyosung, Triumph, and many others followed the league… And, perhaps Caterhams’ move may pretty well turn out to be the much needed driving force for creating a potential market for roadsters in India. Of course, San Motor tried it, and failed terribly, but then you simply can’t compare San Motors to Caterham, can you?
caterham r500 sports car
Coming back to their tentative line-up in India, the infamous R500 will also be seen in Indian markets; however it’ll be priced close to 86,00,000 INR, and the company will also be launching couple of other luxurious models in Indian markets in 2012 – so let’s wait and watch how they fare against the likes of Audi TT & other luxurious models that have already established a strong-hold in the Indian automobile markets.

I recently ordered a Hyosung GT 650R superbike and my next dream was perhaps the BMW X1 crossover, or the Toyota Fortuner, but I guess if Caterham were to enter the Indian markets by end of 2012, I’d most certainly put my money on the Caterham roadster without second thoughts!


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