How to Book Low-Cost Flight to Kuwait?


When it comes to flying to Kuwait for the first time, people don’t know how to book a low-cost flight to Kuwait, and often end up paying at least $100 extra on their flights, and thousands of Rupees extra on hotel bookings, because most of the popular Indian travel portals like GoIbibo don’t have cheap hotels in Kuwait listed on them.

So, I’ve compiled our recommendation of hotels & flight bookings to Kuwait as per our experiences so far.

How to Find Low-Cost Flights to Kuwait?

If you’re trying to book a flight, start your research with GoIbibo and if you have lot of GoCash+ then this might be a cheaper option, otherwise counting the additional Rs 499 charges on the transaction, you’ll end up spending a little more than Expedia, which makes Expedia my top recommendation.

To get started click here for flight booking, and to browse through the cheap Kuwait hotels, you can follow next.

I’ve started a new portal to help all Indians travelling to Kuwait for the first time, covering VISA issues, and all the things that they struggle with.

I will be covering the process of finding cheap hotels in Kuwait in another post on those exclusive kuwaiti info posts, though I’m not such a big fan of that place personally because the life really sucks; there’s no fun, no booze, and the entire country is smaller than Bangalore City. But, then obviously the good part is that Kuwait has the world’s highest currency, Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD), which is equal to Rs 222, and each project that I’ve picked up from Kuwait pays me at least 3x more money than Indian projects.


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