Best Automatic Car under 10 Lakhs: Reva E2O & Honda Amaze!


When you think of the best automatic car under 10 lakhs, the most obvious choices are Hyundai i10, i20, but not many consider the new Honda Amaze, and the underdog, Reva E2O Nxt! So, in this post, I’m not covering the other obvious choices like Hyundai i10, i20, Maruti Alto, and just focusing on these two underdogs.

Maini Reva is certainly a great electric eco friendly car, which can sneak through heavy traffic, but is it really worth your money? Well, from past few weeks I had been busy researching an automatic car for my wife, and I’m quite habituated to seeking quotes online.

When I called up the Mahindra showroom this morning I discovered that the top end version of Reva E2O is about Rs 8 lakhs on-road, and Rs.6.5 Lakh* ex-showroom Bangalore.

2014 Mahindra Reva e2o T2: Review - ZigWheelsThe earlier generation of Maini Reva mid trim was about Rs 3.55 lakhs on-road in Bangalore. And, that got me interested because at just 3.5lakhs, it looked like a worthy buy, and I started looking for user reviews online, and most of them had only these thing to say around 7-8 years ago –

a. Poor after-sales service
b. Cramped space (well i don’t expect much from it!)
c. High maintenance cost (few users are cribbing about this, but I’m not sure that it’s the case with a new model!)
d. Very good as a second car
e. Great for congested roads, and fantastic option for ladies who prefer automatic transmission rather than shifting gears relentlessly.

Reva E2O Nxt

Fast forward to 2020, older gen Reva is extinct we decided to take a test drive of new E2O Nxt – now I never expected great pick up, or spacious, luxurious interiors anyway, and I knew exactly how it looked like, so I was quite prepared for what was coming my way!

I discovered that the pick isn’t really bad, but the top speed is just about 65 kmph practically, and it runs about 60-70kms in one charge (company claims it to be 80km but that’s not the practical figure!). Second thing was that you need to get a charging point at home, but that’s not a big deal.

Running Cost and Battery Issues

Most important thing is that the battery doesn’t practically last for more than 3yrs if you use it like 50kms+ everyday, and the new battery costs about Rs 80k. This translates to about Rs40k/yr or Rs 3500/month. Now, when you think about petrol charges for a small car for traveling 50km/day, it’d not be more than Rs 200/day considering fuel mileage of about 17-20km/l. (I’m talking about small cars like Maruti Alto K10, Hyundai Eon, and Chevy Beat not fuel guzzlers like my Mitsubishi Cedia). And, if it’s a diesel Beat then it wouldn’t even cost you more than Rs 150/day! And, this would potentially mean fuel bills of about Rs 3.5-4k at the MOST!

Now, when you see Reva, you end up spending avg Rs4k towards maintenance (though you won’t be paying anything until you’ve to change the battery), and then the electricity bills, which won’t be less than Rs500/month. So, effectively it doesn’t really work out to be a very economic choice in the long run, especially if you want to drive 50-60kms/day, and keep it with yourself forever.

But, indeed it’s quite tough to find one of the best automatic cars under 10 lakh that can zip through small roads like the E2O, which can take you through traffic jams like a breeze. Our first car, Chevy Spark cost us almost Rs 3.7lakhs on-road in 2007, and after 13 years, buying 8 vehicles and burning over a crore, if I manage to find something decent for under 10 lakhs budget as backup car, it might be a great fit for my wife, as she’s afraid of driving the Beetle!
The next best choice is the Honda Amaze automatic version, which looks great, and makes an amazing choice for an automatic car below Rs 10 lakhs mark.

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As mentioned earlier, the mid-end of old Maini Reva AC trim costed about Rs3.55lakhs on-road in Bangalore, and now new Reva E20 Nxt is almost 8 lakhs on-road, and when you compare the new Honda Amaze, the top-end Honda Amaze S CVT Diesel Diesel variant definitely goes just over 10 lakh mark, but if you bargain well, you can get it under 10L pricing point.

Still we’re a little confused about it at the moment, and I’m going to take a test drive of few other options.

So, I’d conclude that if you ask me the best automatic car under 10 lakhs, I’d suggest going with either Reva E2O or Honda Amaze – they’re both good choices as automatic cars under Rs 10 lakh budget, but if you’re thinking of using E2O heavily in long run, it’s definitely not a very economic option, and you must NEVER think of using it as your first car, whereas the Amaze can be a great choice, both as your first car, as well as your back-up (9th car in our case) for short city rides and long highway drives alike!



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